WHY would I want to contemplate a camping trip?


Indeed, precisely because I’ve probably spent a large proportion of the day indoors with my daughter?

This is where camping comes in which is without a doubt, the biggest antidote there is to the busy, screen-fuelled lives we (and to a degree, our children live.) It is grubby, it is hard work and it is one of the most bonding experiences you can ever do as a family.

Certain people get a glow when they talk about camping. It’s like they’re plugging into the memory of the best version of themselves. So, we made sure our lives were full of different adventures.

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Weekend Getaway: Ocean View Residence


img_20160925_164314Postingan ringan kali ini edisi short trip ke Jepara. Jujur saja, ke Jepara agenda utamanya syh kondangan tapi gag mau rugi donk kalo gag dimanfaatkan buat #explorejepara sekalian. Itung-itung pacaran sama suami santai sejenak dari kesibukan sehari-hari. Sumpah deh semenjak kerja dan menikah, jalan-jalan dan waktu santai itu terasa mahal. Santai dikit si badan kadang pengen istirahat tapi hatinya pengen main kemana gitu. hahaha …apakah cuma saya yang seperti ini?

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