Breathe It All In, Love It All Out

Do I work hard enough? What is my future going to look like? How much of it is in my own hands? Am I making the right choices? My mind is cluttered with doubts, thoughts and more thoughts. We all get them, don’t we?  I can work towards my goals all I want, sometimes my insecurities still get the best of me.

I decide to take a walk in the mangrove. I’m lucky to have those trees living in a suburban area of a bigger city – even if it’s just a small patch in a sea of concrete.Continue reading “Breathe It All In, Love It All Out”

Weekend Snapshots: Pandanaran Art Festival 2016


Happy Monday!

I feel like it was a lifetime since I wrote Weekly Photo Challenge post. So this is a light picture post as far as Weekly Photo Challenge posts go, but it was still a great one. These photos are the last from my weekend. They were taken on Sunday afternoon right after Iting and I finished our side job as event organizer.Continue reading “Weekend Snapshots: Pandanaran Art Festival 2016”

Le Dimanche

It’s 2.30 pm and I burried under a cocoon of blankets on my bed, laptop in prime position, my fingers tapping away as the light starts to dim a little. My eyes intent on the screen, lost in my own world for what only seems like a moment.

To any outsider, sure; I’m wasting my day. But is living a huge part of my life online always a bad thing?

Obviously there’s no substitute for putting down our phones or laptops, and actually getting up and doing something with our day. Technology will never replace real human interaction, or the physical and emotional benefits of being productive away from a screen. But there is still a hell of a lot of good in using these screens to our advantage.Continue reading “Le Dimanche”

It’s time for some ME time!

It’s Sunday again!

Ça va my dear readers? Hope you’ve all had a good start to the new week!

Gosh I feel like time flies away tooooo fast. I need to balance everything between blogging and do all the tasks I have to do in order to get the best achievements. Huft .. I’m not really in the mood of writing, but it seems that as soon as my hand starts to type.

As I grow older [Oooh NOOOO …] I feel that home is the best to relax and soothe my soul, charging it, so it can produce great activities afterward. I personally feel there’s nothing wrong by having one day “ME TIME” at home and my own business! Esp when Iting not in Semarang. hihihi ^^

So what I do on holiday are …..Continue reading “It’s time for some ME time!”

Saturdate at Crowne Plaza Hotel Semarang


Ngapain aja weekend kali ini guys? Saya syh masih sama seperti biasanya yaitu latihan inline. Cuma ada yang sedikit berbeda hari Sabtu kemarin saya berenang sejenak di Crowne Plaza Hotel Semarang sebelum latihan. Berhubung jadwal latihan sore di skip pindah ke Java mall gara-gara lapangan Simpang Lima dipakai buat acara Fornas (Festival Olah Raga Rekreasi Nasional) gitu jadi bisa curi-curi waktu deh ya. Yippiiii!Continue reading “Saturdate at Crowne Plaza Hotel Semarang”

Express Getaway to Cimory on The Valley

Good morning fellas!

Yay akhirnya bisa mampir juga ke Cimory On The Valley, Restaurant and Milk Factory yang ada di Semarang beberapa waktu lalu. Gag ada rencana syh mau ke sini. Padahal dulu pas awal-awal buka udah rencana ma anak-anak Geki mau ke sini tapi lum jadi-jadi. Giliran dadakan ehh langsung berangkat aja. Emang dasar nyh anak-anak penyakit lamaaa!

Berhubung anak-anak lagi pengen main tapi yang gag jauh-jauh amat dari rumah dan gag makan waktu banyak maka dipilihlah Cimory sebagi tujuan jalan-jalan kali ini.Continue reading “Express Getaway to Cimory on The Valley”