Weekend Getaway: Ocean View Residence


img_20160925_164314Postingan ringan kali ini edisi short trip ke Jepara. Jujur saja, ke Jepara agenda utamanya syh kondangan tapi gag mau rugi donk kalo gag dimanfaatkan buat #explorejepara sekalian. Itung-itung pacaran sama suami santai sejenak dari kesibukan sehari-hari. Sumpah deh semenjak kerja dan menikah, jalan-jalan dan waktu santai itu terasa mahal. Santai dikit si badan kadang pengen istirahat tapi hatinya pengen main kemana gitu. hahaha …apakah cuma saya yang seperti ini?

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How Become A Smart Traveler


Have you made a plan to travel this year? If you do, this post may be useful for you. Here some of my tips for traveling. Those are from my experiences during my travel. Voilà!

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The Story Behind My Blog

Do you write a journal?

Me? of course yes.

I am 23 yo, and i’ve kept diaries since i was little. It’s been off and on. Right now…instead of keeping a diary, i keep a blog. With journaling me instead find peace and comfort in my own words and realize that happiness and fulfillment is best when it comes from within. I love writing random stuffs, it drives me crazy to reflect on my day/life. I enjoy making a spiritual connection to the world and sharing them with others.

I am an explorer. My mission is to document and observe the world around me as if i’ve never seen it before. I still may not know what i want to be when i grow up. But i do know i want to live in a home filled with books and travel souvenirs. And the walls that aren’t covered in bookshelves will be covered with photos of my family and my friends. When i leave home i will be going to a job i love,and i’ll return to a person i love. So that is the dream i am working on. That’s gonna be awesome! ^_^

I won’t stop writing. It is how i fulfill my curiosity for finding what’s new and better. That’s why i wrote a blog. It’s dedicated to achieving my dreams and my passions. This is also to keep me on the right path.

So, what about your stories?