Be Careful With Your Words

Hi there lovelies. I don’t know about you guys but the past two months have been one emotional roller coaster ride.

Have you guys ever felt that way like you just can’t deal with all of the ”stuff ” that life throws at you sometimes? Everything becomes so difficult and burdensome and a downright chore. How do you cope when feeling like you can’t? What are some of the ways you stay motivated when life gets you down?

I have been having problems with a friend who I think is a complete jerk. I’ve tried to be mature about it but can’t help being angry everytime I see him and consumed by negative emotions. I get upset when someone use bad words for me. What should be my reaction at that time?

Anybody can become angry – that is easy, but to be angry with the right person and to the right degree and at the right time and for the right purpose, and in the right way – that is not within everybody’s power and is not easy.
– Aristotle

But as Aristotle said – it’s not about getting angry, it’s about getting angry in the right way. And in most situations, keeping your cool is better for you, and produces better results.

Anger was really driving me crazy but now i am managing it a bit .You are sure to bump onto difficult people/situations then it’s helpful to take a deep breath and detach yourself physically / mentally from the situation.Continue reading “Be Careful With Your Words”

#BunTingStory: I Learned to Ask These Three Questions

One of the areas I truly value in my relationships with my hubby is our open communication. Even in those early dating years, we would talk for hours. We talked about our careers, our dreams, our love of music, our relationship with God and so much more. I was always amazed that we could find so much to discuss. It was then we agreed to be willing to be transparent with each other.

Years later, this continues to be one of the strongest areas in our marriage. Now, don’t misunderstand me. Although I am thankful we can talk so freely with each other; sometimes I didn’t want open communication. I didn’t want to hear what he has to say. Because to talk about and through our issues means dealing with some messy and uncomfortable areas. It means dealing with my feelings of anger because he can’t or won’t agree with my point of view. Yet, being willing to talk also meant working toward healing and growth. Meaningful communication meant working toward a healthier version of us.

Even though we talked about a lot, I realized there were a lot of assumptions I made regarding what my hubby thought, experienced, and needed. From this realization, I learned to ask these three questions.Continue reading “#BunTingStory: I Learned to Ask These Three Questions”

My Cat, Otong


I still remember the first day I had met him, it was my wedding day. Those days I could not stand the thought of living under the same room with a cat, or any pet for that matter. But within a week, he won my heart. His mischievous eyes that also reflected the innocence of a kitten and his playful attitude warmed my heart towards him and made me find a new companion in him.

I named him Otong. I never knew before that the presence of a tiny animal could affect my life to such an extent. Otong had become the baby of our house. He got the most attention from everyone. His charm worked on people in such a delightful way. I am not sure whether those who have never owned a pet would be able to relate to my emotions but I can guarantee that anyone who has ever loved and cared for an animal in this manner would be able to understand exactly what I am talking about. Expert report that there are specific unique ways that our cats saying ‘I love You’. Continue reading “My Cat, Otong”

How I Miss You Badly, My Friends

Hello May!

Flipping the calendar on a new month is always a bit of a fresh start.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friendships both old and new. The people I consider my friends are those that have grown up with me in some way. Maybe they are a childhood friend. Or maybe they are a cherished friend from my teenage years. Then I have my beloved college friends who saw me through all nighters, semesters I thought would never end, fun nights out on the town and stayed in touch after we all went separate ways.

My friends in senior high school.
My senior high school friends

SONY DSCContinue reading “How I Miss You Badly, My Friends”

Should I Stop Expecting From Others?


There is something I have to remind myself on a daily basis. There are going to be people out there who won’t like you. Don’t let it affect you and don’t allow it bring you down. Enjoy the moment and the people who already love you. You don’t have to win everyone over.

Listen, we are not here to live up to each other’s expectations, we are here to live up to our own expectations. I struggle with this. I often find myself expecting people around me to do what I would do, or react the way I would react, in certain situations … and when they don’t, I get frustrated.Continue reading “Should I Stop Expecting From Others?”

Bye Bye Toxic People!

Pic from here
Pic from here

Most of us will agree that serving others is the main purpose that we come to this world. Here are some few words that were being stucked in my mind. Remember, these are just for reading. I encourage you to believe only words that you have experienced before.

The World is like a school.

Waiting for us to explore, learn, realize, improve and sharing what we’d learnt.
We hated, so we have to learn through hatred and revenge. If we did not learn how to forgive, we have to go through all over again by hating this and that.Continue reading “Bye Bye Toxic People!”