Why Im Trying Not To Be Perfect

imagesAs I was walking from Indomaret to my house carrying a loads of heavy bags, I started thinking about the process that we as humans go through. The pressure upon people in the younger generations are great when it comes to being perfect. It’s like we all have to have the perfect skin, hair and are expected to be happy all the time, because we are “young”. We are also always expected to get high grades as we are all classed as bright and clever. Continue reading

My Early Twenties Life Crisis


Life is so hard. Sometimes, life makes so hard to breath and wake up in the morning. We wish that life will be easier to deal with perfect boyfriend, nice friends, and family. We want the perfect life to be live on. However, reality is harder than dream, but it is still worth to lived.

For me, my “adult” things started after I left college. Right after high school, I went to university that was 5 minutes away from my house.

So, here I am.

I began this year working at national company. I’m happy finally I got a job. Yes, I am officially employed. Ummm…little overwhelming, but I managed and love it so far.

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What I Think About Fashion Blogger Phenomenon Nowadays

Hi! Sorry for being away.

Let’s talk about fashion!

I think fashion is a part of everyday life. I also think fashion is what you make of it. The outfit you have on today reflects some sort of style whether it is your own personal style or a style that has set a popular trend. All in all, it is fashion. From your shoes to your hair, you cannot escape fashion. I personally love it. Our own sense of style or fashion tells a story about us. How fun!

When I went into senior high school eight years ago, my life did a 360 turn and I was completely and utterly stunned by why. As my years go on, I am trying to keep up with all the new fashion styles, etc. Apparently, it’s not working too well. For most families, money doesn’t grow on trees, so I basically “allowed” myself to “lower” my standards, so to say, and now I shop like anyone else, but rather than buying the most expensive things, I head for the clearance rack first. It’s ridiculous to spend that much money on something.

For years now, name brands have become more and more popular – as well as expensive. Today, I see several students in the street, café, or mall with extremely high-priced clothing, jewelry, etc. I’ll be honest, it disgusts me. Our parents have hard working jobs and most of the things you get are coming from your parent’s salary. Is that fair? When you become their age, would you like it if your children spent your money? Because that’s how it is.

Words every lifestyle and fashion blogger should live by.

Words every lifestyle and fashion blogger should live by.

Why do we need all these expensive things? We choose to buy a clothes or shoes because the name brand stamped on the bottom/back of them? Continue reading