Stop Interrupting Me!


I have issues with people who interrupt during conversations.

Like seriously, shut up! Here I am, trying to relay my point and I can’t get more than two words in without you cutting in. If I respect you when you are talking, then I would presume that you should do the same to me.

God, that’s why I really don’t like talking to people. I know not everyone is like that, interrupting and all, but there are people out there who just don’t know when to let others talk. Sometimes, I get the sense that people aren’t talking to each other- they are talking at each other. Which there is a difference. Basically, it comes down to whether you are listening to the person or not.

Really, I don’t think people know how to listen anymore. Everything’s all about them, and so they think that their opinion matters more than others. Which *apparently* means that they have to intervene at every single opportunity just to say something. Just to hear themselves talk. Doesn’t matter what, but in any case it’s really inconsiderate, not to forget rude as hell. Continue reading

Bye Bye Toxic People!

Pic from here

Pic from here

Most of us will agree that serving others is the main purpose that we come to this world. Here are some few words that were being stucked in my mind. Remember, these are just for reading. I encourage you to believe only words that you have experienced before.

The World is like a school.

Waiting for us to explore, learn, realize, improve and sharing what we’d learnt.
We hated, so we have to learn through hatred and revenge. If we did not learn how to forgive, we have to go through all over again by hating this and that. Continue reading