Last month marked 2 years of being married to my wonderful husband and I am so thankful to be his wife. Our first 2 years of marriage was interesting and challenging. Marriage brought out our best strengths and weaknesses.

It doesn’t matter whether you dated 3 weeks or 7 years before getting married, your spouse will constantly surprise you with something new.

So here’s a little breakdown of what I’ve learned so far. Continue reading

#BunTingStory: Our Wedding Journey


Hi everyone! After a LONGGGG wait, I’m super excited to be sharing my wedding story (photos and maybe videos?) with you and walk you through the day I got married! It’s a little belated considering I got married last month, but really, better late than never! hahaha

I spent the past two days reviewing the materials, organizing them, categorizing them, and shortlisting the ones I want to share with you guys. While it’s been one month since my wedding, just reviewing the photos and videos is instantly bringing back the memories. Feels just as if I got married yesterday with Iting and I’m just so excited to let you guys in on this special part of my life. Continue reading

A Letter to My Future Husband

Dear future husband …

Don’t worry, I’m not going Meghan Trainor on you. Hahaha…In fact I am a very simple girl. But there are some things you need to know about me. So I have to admit that I’ve been feeling a bit anxious about marriage. I recently visited my old friends where I received a multitude of questions about marriage ‘’Why I wasn’t married yet?’’. Funny how the pressure and worry of the world can disrupt your peace, right?


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