Bad News In Early Year

It does not matter do slow you go so long as you do not stop.

That’s what I said to myself, just to cheer up my heart. If I have posted something about my thesis, then I’ll now talk about that. Like everybody else, at their final year of studying, I feel that anxious. I am so sad because I can’t graduate in February due to some of the technical problems. My mood has no space to negotiate with, graduated really soon next month. I feel incomplete and miserable now. T_T

* Take a deep breath … take a deep breath … take a deep breath … Continue reading “Bad News In Early Year”

Happy New Year 2014 Everyone + My Resolutions

YO YO everyone HAPPY NEW YEAR 2014!!

2013 is about to end, and I am about to spend my New Year in Yogyakarta (again .. !- ____-)

Looking back now, I experience so many things that I have never expected before… Both good, and bad. It all came for a purpose, I believe. To make me stronger, and a better person. I learn a lot this year, and I feel like I have become more mature, yet somehow I lose a little bit of my cheerfulness though. And I blame adult life.

2013 has become a great year for me, I’ve done a lot, but haven’t done more. 2013 also becomes the first year that I am into blogging seriously (I made my blog on March 2012), which brought me to expand friendships.Continue reading “Happy New Year 2014 Everyone + My Resolutions”

It’s time for some ME time!

It’s Sunday again!

Ça va my dear readers? Hope you’ve all had a good start to the new week!

Gosh I feel like time flies away tooooo fast. I need to balance everything between blogging and do all the tasks I have to do in order to get the best achievements. Huft .. I’m not really in the mood of writing, but it seems that as soon as my hand starts to type.

As I grow older [Oooh NOOOO …] I feel that home is the best to relax and soothe my soul, charging it, so it can produce great activities afterward. I personally feel there’s nothing wrong by having one day “ME TIME” at home and my own business! Esp when Iting not in Semarang. hihihi ^^

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