Pique Nique sur la plage

Quel plaisir de se sentir seule au monde.


Respirer à plein nez…

Marcher pieds nus sur le sable mouillé…

Courir pieds nus sur le sable mouillé…

Marcher ou courir dans l’eau…

Soulager votre dos… Continue reading

Things that Made Me Happy this Week

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it’s nearly April already?

Seems like it was only a while ago that I wrote my gratitude on the blog. Then, I finally stopped doing it in public and decided to count my everyday blessings in private.
I believe that there is always something be thankful for.

So, this is my list:

♡ Happy loooooong weekend! I was happy that the break was finally upon me, so I took advantage of it, and well … took a break and spent the Saturday night relaxing with my boy friend and my family.

♡ Last Sunday was one of the days I was in the house all day. Take a nap. I consider this a rather productive activity; it recharges your energy level, so you can be ready for the next chapter of your life. I also made some dishes and blogging in the night. Continue reading