Piala Walikota Solo 2017 – Lesson Learned: What It Cost and What Advice I Have To Give

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. That’s the easiest way to describe the entire experience of what it took to compete in Piala Walikota Solo 2017 last month. I had no idea what it would cost – not just financially, but emotionally, physically…the time it took, the mental exhaustion, it was a crazy ride, but in the end, I’m proud that I did it. This post is simply my way of giving back to all of the gals who haven’t competed.


I knew I’d have to train hard. It took a lot of discipline. I had to run my own warm up, decide what tricks to work on, etc. When I started, I would simply go in and work on tricks I thought I might use in the routine, specifically working on holding the tricks for long periods of time to build up my conditioning.

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Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition

WARNING: This post is going to be filled with photos.

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I cant really decide which pictures to share so i decided to just put everything up!! -_____-


If you’ve already read my previous post, pasti udah tahu donk ya kalo kemarin tanggal 8 Desember saya mengikuti kompetisi inline. Lebih tepatnya syh jadi panitia + peserta juga. Acara yang bertajuk Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Cometition ini sebenarnya untuk regional Jateng dan DIY namun bersifat open. Artinya di luar daerah Jateng dan DIY juga bisa berpastisipasi, ya cuma tingkatnya tetep regional, jadi poinnya juga gag sebanyak kalo nasional atau internasional. Continue reading