16 oktober 2013

Just to get me back into the swing of things today is …

Wednesday collaboration with Honda (Inline Skate Semarang ft Honda), just like always.

Enaknya kalo kamar bersih dan rapi. Gag tau kenapa sekarang rajin banget bersihin kamar. hehe … kan kebersihan sebagian dari iman.

Day 2 ditinggal si Iting ke Tegal. Dia syh mengemban misi suci menyebarkan slalom di sana. But somehow saya sebel aja ditinggal kayak gini deh.

Nyetrika segunung hari ini. Fyuuuh lega juga bisa dicicil, padahal belum semuanya thu!Errrrrr

Eiits … jangan tidur kemaleman, besok kamis diajakin bokap perpanjang SIM. Secara ya nyh SIM udah kadaluasa dari bulan Juni kemarin. *mlipir dari pak polisi*

Semangat ngerjain skripsi hari ini. Semoga bisa dikumpulin kamis atau Jumat deh.

Damn! Jalan utama ke rumah lagi diperbaiki. Macetnya bisa sekiloan lebih. help help help!

Ada rencana buat iseng-iseng ke toko kosmetik Chandra nyh. Perasaan sampai detik ini belum pernah masuk ke sana. Tapi malu, kan saya tomboy, trus mau cari apa ke sana?

Yay! Ilmu photoshopnya nambah gara-gara kepepet buat skripsi. Abisnya yang dimintain tolong malah ninggal KKN syh. Thu kan bisa juga kalo ada niat buat dikerjain. ckckck

The Story Behind My Blog

Do you write a journal?

Me? of course yes.

I am 23 yo, and i’ve kept diaries since i was little. It’s been off and on. Right now…instead of keeping a diary, i keep a blog. With journaling me instead find peace and comfort in my own words and realize that happiness and fulfillment is best when it comes from within. I love writing random stuffs, it drives me crazy to reflect on my day/life. I enjoy making a spiritual connection to the world and sharing them with others.

I am an explorer. My mission is to document and observe the world around me as if i’ve never seen it before. I still may not know what i want to be when i grow up. But i do know i want to live in a home filled with books and travel souvenirs. And the walls that aren’t covered in bookshelves will be covered with photos of my family and my friends. When i leave home i will be going to a job i love,and i’ll return to a person i love. So that is the dream i am working on. That’s gonna be awesome! ^_^

I won’t stop writing. It is how i fulfill my curiosity for finding what’s new and better. That’s why i wrote a blog. It’s dedicated to achieving my dreams and my passions. This is also to keep me on the right path.

So, what about your stories?