Young at Heart

Over the weekend (31th March – 1st April) my teammates and I, took part in the IFS Bandung Open 2018 (National Inline Freestyle Championship).  We were all representing the Inline Skate Semarang. The competition took place in Saparua Park & Sports Center, Bandung. There were teams from all of Indonesia taking part; there were teams from Lampung, Bengkulu, West Java, East Java, DIY Yogyakarta, DKI Jakarta, Palembang, and many more. We won some second places and third place. I was the eldest in senior women category to compete. Overall, I had a wonderful weekend. Enough, I don’t want to talk about skating, let’s talk about ‘age’ since I was the eldest in my category.

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Piala Walikota Solo 2017 – Lesson Learned: What It Cost and What Advice I Have To Give

I didn’t know what I didn’t know. That’s the easiest way to describe the entire experience of what it took to compete in Piala Walikota Solo 2017 last month. I had no idea what it would cost – not just financially, but emotionally, physically…the time it took, the mental exhaustion, it was a crazy ride, but in the end, I’m proud that I did it. This post is simply my way of giving back to all of the gals who haven’t competed.


I knew I’d have to train hard. It took a lot of discipline. I had to run my own warm up, decide what tricks to work on, etc. When I started, I would simply go in and work on tricks I thought I might use in the routine, specifically working on holding the tricks for long periods of time to build up my conditioning.

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FAQ : About Skate Lessons

Check out some of the most common asked questions here. It may answer your questions or help you to have better understanding.

Q1: Why do I need skate lessons, I can learn on my own, right?

A1: This is one recreational activity that you definitely do not want to learn on your own. Learning on your own will only lead to bad habits and unsafe skating. Even worse than teaching yourself, is to have a friend teach you who also taught themselves. My advice is to take professional lessons from the beginning and then practices what you learn on your own, this is the only real path to becoming a good all round safe skater.

Q2: What should I bring to my first skate lesson?

A2: Inline skate with a brake fitted, a full set of safety pads protecting your knees, elbows and wrists. No safety pads, no class. Please also take the Indonesia sun seriously, skate classes are a lot of fun but they are also very tough workout. Bring water, wear a cap and use sunscreen. Children under 14 must wear a helmet.Continue reading “FAQ : About Skate Lessons”

To New Skaters, Here’s What I’d Say …….

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I haven’t had a lot to say lately about skating. As a matter of fact, my last blog post about skating was in April 2016. I’ve noticed lots of new-ish people in my skating world, lately. And there are things I keep wanting to tell them. Like, sit down creepily close and say in a conspiratorial voice tell them.

In some of them, I see bits of old me. The timid, awkward, and skinny me that wasn’t very good at skating and knew it. The me that wanted nothing more but to be good, yet always felt a little stupid.

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Finally getting a chance to update my blog and it feels SOOOOOO good. It’s been a while, sorry guys but I’ve been (and still) completely overloaded with many other stuff.

Oh ..I just noticed my blog turned over to 170,000 views!! THANK YOU!!

This is something I’ve definitely been struggling with since I joined Instagram. I’ve noticed a definite decline in my blog content. It’s so easy to just take quick snaps and upload them to Instagram. Imstagram has forced me to rethink my content. Do share things immediately when I can, but make more effort on a deeper content when it’s about my blog. Personally, I use Instagram on certain, reoccurring series as a way  to get a peek into my life.

Yeah, dengan semakin tersitanya waktu karena urusan kerja, alhasil untuk menulis sebuah konten yang dalam dan panjang rasanya susaaaaah sekali. Postingan terakhir bulan Desember tahun lalu. Jadi ada cerita apa saja selama saya meghilang tiga bulan ini? BANYAK. Sampai bingung harus memulai yang mana dulu ya.

I thought I’d give a quick round up of some my favourite things so far this year!


WEEKEND SNAPSHOTS: Jalan Sehat Bersama Tribun Jateng

Hi Everyone!

Happy Monday! How was your weekend? Mine was awesome.

Hari Minggu kemarin saya isi dengan kembali aktif di car free day bersama teman-teman Inline Skate Semarang. Yeah … setelah beberapa bulan gag bangun pagi di hari Minggu untuk cfd akhirnya sekarang bisa mengulang ritual hari Minggu yang sempat terhenti. Hihi

Minggu sehat dengan jalan sehat bersama Tribun Jateng. Berhubung kami diundang untuk meramaikan acara jalan sehat ini ya jadi lebih semangat deh buat cfd. Apalagi bakalan ketemu anak-anak yang selama ini off latihan karena sibuk urusan sekolah, jadi tambah happy deh!

Oh ya acara ini diikuti oleh lebih dari 11.000 peserta lho!! Gag heran banyak yang ikut secara hadiah utamanya rumah, dan tentunya masih banyak doorprize yang lain juga.

Rencananya syh jadi pembuka start untuk peserta yang lain, tapi berhubung rame banget sampai susah mau baris paling depan.
Rencananya syh jadi pembuka start untuk peserta yang lain, tapi berhubung rame banget sampai susah mau baris paling depan.

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Semarang Open 2014 Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work. – Colin Powell

I’m back! finaleeeeh … 😀

Life has been hectic the past few weeks.

So .. let’s talk about my competition 3 weeks ago. I took a part to national competition called Semarang Open 2014. This is an annual event, and this year is the second year that the freestyle slalom competition was held in Semarang. Time goes by way too fast; I still remember last year competition with my team, just like it was yesterday.

The day before competition there was a workshop with the guest star, Yu Jin Seong and Terence Cheung. They are top skater from Korea and Singapore. Here the video … check this out!

Every time I come back to freestyle slalom competition, I enjoy it more and more. I think part of the reason, is because I know what to expect. A couple of things were different this year, or at least seemed like they were.

Even though we went through some difficult times, we will work our hardest for this competition because we know we can do it and we will. I was up at 5 am Saturday morning; excited but I also had nervous butterflies. After 2 month in full on training mode, I’m ready for the competition. I don’t know how many times during a workout I have felt like I was going to barf, pass out, or DIE. But I did not. I kept going. 😀


I felt nervous. Semarang Open 2014 was a national competition. At this competition, I got nervous, breathing hard, my stomach churning, not being able to eat, and feeling like I had to pee every time I had a chance to cool down. Continue reading “Semarang Open 2014 Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition”

Musyawarah Provinsi Jateng Persatuan Freestyle Skater Indonesia (PFSI)

Fuuuuuu *Blowing dust away from my blog

Omg … sudah berapa lama gag nulis coba. Tulisan terakhir saya posting tanggal 17 Januari 2014. Beberapa minggu terakhir ini memang belum ada sesuatu yang menarik untuk saya tulis, kalau pun ada kebetulan saya sudah terlanjur capek oleh rutinitas harian. Skripsi dan latihan inline, begitu setiap hari. Apalagi tanggal 25 Februari nanti ada perform untuk lomba dansa di Mal Ciputra plus 5-6 April lomba inline juga, jadi tambah kepayahan deh kalo mau nulis karena udah capek duluan. Hiks

Selalu jadi minoritas karena cewek dan kecil sendiri. hehe
Selalu jadi minoritas karena cewek dan kecil sendiri. hehe

Baiklah … semoga tulisan kali ini  bisa kembali meramaikan blog ini. Sedikit cerita tentang aktivitas saya minggu kemarin, tepatnya tanggal 8 Februari 2014. Saya berkesempatan untuk ikut berpartisipasi dalam Musyawarah Provinsi Jateng Persatuan Freestyle Skater Indonesia (PFSI).Continue reading “Musyawarah Provinsi Jateng Persatuan Freestyle Skater Indonesia (PFSI)”

Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition

WARNING: This post is going to be filled with photos.

Now, for those who’ve decided to continue reading, come along, let’s start!

I cant really decide which pictures to share so i decided to just put everything up!! -_____-


If you’ve already read my previous post, pasti udah tahu donk ya kalo kemarin tanggal 8 Desember saya mengikuti kompetisi inline. Lebih tepatnya syh jadi panitia + peserta juga. Acara yang bertajuk Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Cometition ini sebenarnya untuk regional Jateng dan DIY namun bersifat open. Artinya di luar daerah Jateng dan DIY juga bisa berpastisipasi, ya cuma tingkatnya tetep regional, jadi poinnya juga gag sebanyak kalo nasional atau internasional.Continue reading “Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition”