Finally getting a chance to update my blog and it feels SOOOOOO good. It’s been a while, sorry guys but I’ve been (and still) completely overloaded with many other stuff.

Oh ..I just noticed my blog turned over to 170,000 views!! THANK YOU!!

This is something I’ve definitely been struggling with since I joined Instagram. I’ve noticed a definite decline in my blog content. It’s so easy to just take quick snaps and upload them to Instagram. Imstagram has forced me to rethink my content. Do share things immediately when I can, but make more effort on a deeper content when it’s about my blog. Personally, I use Instagram on certain, reoccurring series as a way  to get a peek into my life.

Yeah, dengan semakin tersitanya waktu karena urusan kerja, alhasil untuk menulis sebuah konten yang dalam dan panjang rasanya susaaaaah sekali. Postingan terakhir bulan Desember tahun lalu. Jadi ada cerita apa saja selama saya meghilang tiga bulan ini? BANYAK. Sampai bingung harus memulai yang mana dulu ya.

I thought I’d give a quick round up of some my favourite things so far this year!

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How I Miss You Badly, My Friends

Hello May!

Flipping the calendar on a new month is always a bit of a fresh start.

I’ve been thinking a lot about my friendships both old and new. The people I consider my friends are those that have grown up with me in some way. Maybe they are a childhood friend. Or maybe they are a cherished friend from my teenage years. Then I have my beloved college friends who saw me through all nighters, semesters I thought would never end, fun nights out on the town and stayed in touch after we all went separate ways.

My friends in senior high school.

My senior high school friends

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Geki’s Photologue

Oh la la !

Apa kabar blog saya sudah 2 minggu gag diupdate?

Maaf ya kurang konsisten nulis, padahal draftnya banyak banget pada ngantri lho, tapi apa mau dikata ternyata rasa malas terlanjur merajai diri ini.*eerrrrrRRRr

Malam ini sebelum tidur pengen posting sesuatu yang ringan-ringan saja deh. Boleh kan? Ok deh ijinkan saya memperkenalkan sahabat-sahabat saya ini yang saya kenal sejak masuk kuliah sejak 2008, hmmm berarti sudah 5 tahun ya kurang lebih kami bareng-bareng. Mereka juga yang sering saya sebut di beberapa tulisan saya. Inilah GEKI! Continue reading

Friendship Sunday: the friend who over-shares

I have a friend who is an over-sharer and I am not quite sure how to deal with it.

I am someone who doesn’t easily judge. I am relatively open-minded. I am definitely not black and white in my thinking.

These qualities that I have (that are all good qualities, if I must say so myself) are kind of counting against me. Because my friend thinks that it’s OK for her buat ngobrol tentang APA SAJA meeeeeen!.

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