Friendship is Really Weird

Do you ever leave an airport and as you do, you watch other people hugging and kissing so mightily and you think to yourself, “when that stranger become so loved?”. Honestly yes.

Doesn’t matter where it came from. I noticed it. Everyone always says there are so many fish in the sea, so why can’t you just find someone and be with them? but that just makes it HARDER.

It’s a rare thing for me. Most friendships I have could end tomorrow and I wouldn’t be overly perturbed. But there is a handful of people in my life that I am entirely myself with and have a complete and trusting relationship – I’ll never let those go.

Express Getaway to Cimory on The Valley

Good morning fellas!

Yay akhirnya bisa mampir juga ke Cimory On The Valley, Restaurant and Milk Factory yang ada di Semarang beberapa waktu lalu. Gag ada rencana syh mau ke sini. Padahal dulu pas awal-awal buka udah rencana ma anak-anak Geki mau ke sini tapi lum jadi-jadi. Giliran dadakan ehh langsung berangkat aja. Emang dasar nyh anak-anak penyakit lamaaa!

Berhubung anak-anak lagi pengen main tapi yang gag jauh-jauh amat dari rumah dan gag makan waktu banyak maka dipilihlah Cimory sebagi tujuan jalan-jalan kali ini. Continue reading