Welcome Back to L’Amour du Ciel!

I don’t really know how to start this post off other than saying THANK YOU SO SO MUCH! Thank you if you are reading this now; thank you if you follow my blog; thank you if you comment on my posts; thank you if you hit the like button after reading one of my posts; thank you if you follow me on Instagram; thank you if you take the time to send me an email; thank you if you tweet me. THANK YOU!

As some of you may have noticed, I haven’t been posting on here. I’ve been having a blogging break and I also wanted to say thank you for 3512 followers. I am entirely grateful and I am so pleased our family keeps growing.Continue reading “OVERWHELMED!”

I’m Glad To Be A Small Blogger

I love blogging; it makes me so happy and has improved my life in so many ways. I love checking my WordPress feed throughout the day and get such a buzz every time I see a post from one of my favourite bloggers. I love leaving comments on posts, I’ve enjoyed reading and chatting to fellow bloggers. I work on my own blog posts pretty much every day and find it so exciting to get my ideas down and then spend hours editing them to make the blog post the best it can

Clearing out my head space

However as much as I love blogging and everything that comes with it, I find it quite a hard world to be part of sometimes as quite often I find myself feeling incredibly insecure. My original idea for this post was a comical ‘ways I failure as a blogger’ type post, but I realised it was a bit too negative and actually I don’t fail as a blogger at all because I’m part of this world and posting regularly on my blog so how on earth can that be failing?! hahahaContinue reading “I’m Glad To Be A Small Blogger”

I Am Neither An Introvert Nor An Extrovert Person.

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Hello sweeties!

Anybody missed me?hehe

How’s life treating you lately? I hope you had fantastic day yeah? I’m so happy with getting back. Sorry for my sporadic blogging habits. I wrote this post while I didn’t feel much better, your comments helped to buoy my spirits a bit. I woke up on Wednesday morning in a pretty dark mood.

Tonight, when I’ve been out socializing for a while, I sometimes like to go home and be by myself because I am a human being who occasionally enjoys my privacy.  I think this is an alarm for me to spend a little time to separate from the outside world, FYI, I currently very enjoyed spending my spare time ALONE. I can read books or anything else, because I am not a stultifying moron. It’s not a big deal.

Let me tell you, I am pretty sure I fall into the introvert extrovert person.  Yes I am a combination of both. I am just a human being with largely the same response to social situations as everyone else. We are such unique creatures, hey?:) Continue reading “I Am Neither An Introvert Nor An Extrovert Person.”

Le hijab: effet de mode ou réelle envie de se rapprocher d’Allah SWT ?

Je m’intéresse à tous les sujets, aussi sensibles, gênants ou prêtant à controverse soient. Je mets un point d’honneur à essayer de comprendre certaines thématiques et pousser la réflexion un tantinet plus loin que ce que je vois à la surface. Raison pour laquelle je vais parler du hijab aujourd’hui …

Ce qui m’a frappée au point de m’amener à me poser des questions depuis un certain temps, je vois beaucoup, mais alors, une multitude d femmes qui portent le voile autour de moi. Veulent – elles en faire une mode, ou au contraire cherchent – elles à se rapprocher de leur Créateur Allah SWT, et ainsi respecter Ses prescriptions ? Les réseaux sociaux, qui sont la vitrine de notre vie de tous les jours, permettent de se rendre compte de l’ampleur du phénomène. Pas un jour ne passe sans que je voie la création d’un Tumblr d’une hijabiste, d’une page Facebook, ou encore sur Instagram (à l’image des bloggeuses Dian Pelangi etc) … 

Le débat est ouvert …