Hi, there lovelies … Happy and blessed Sunday to all of you beautiful souls!

Something about Sundays reverberates quiet reflection for me. For some it is a day of worship, for others, it just screams fun in the sun. If you are lucky you have the day off from work. Whatever your Sunday entails; how about you ask yourself today, What can I do to make life better for me? Be totally selfish. You deserve it. Somehow our souls always have the answers, we know what needs to be done but yet we often times feel guilty about saying no or maybe just disappearing for a few hours for a recharge.

Take a few minutes today to do something that brings you joy. Absolutely no excuses. Even if it is just buying yourself an ice cream cone and pretending that you are a toddler again with not a care in this world. Simply reflect on this past week and what made it great, even if it wasn’t so great to use your imagination it can lead you to some wonderful places. Continue reading

Happy Birthday My Beloved City Semarang

Happy 467th birthday Semarang!

IMG_2717You’re not only a great place to live …You’re great place to visit too, and most of all, it’s a great place to raise a family!

Spending some time at home really brought the all memories back to me with a deep gratitude for my life, for my freedom, and for all of those who have stood in the breach, who fought for our freedom over and over again.

Just like any city, we have our issues. But unlike every city, we have people that want to make it better and are doing so. I’ve seen the city change many times over. It’s amazing how much progress we’ve made. Great cities are built slowly over the course of generations, much longer than our human lives. Can’t wait for you to grow up!
Happy birthday Semarang!