Why We Must Love Our Company


Lots of people says recently to never love your company. Don’t love it because it may not love you back and bla bla bla. That kind of sense that I fail to understand. I just can’t get the point why shouldn’t we love the company where we work? How can’t we love the company we work for?

I have so many reasons why we MUST love our company.

For starter, we spend at least 8 hours a day in that place, at least 5 days a week. How does it feel to spend that much amount of time in a place that you hate? It must feel like hell!

Second, we earn a living from the job provided by our company. Don’t you feel like dating or marrying a guy just for his money with no love included?

And the most important thing is that we learn and we grow during our tenures in our companies. I don’t know if it’s you, but to me, the companies I’ve worked has really made me who I am today. The ups and downs has made me wiser, the experiences has made me skillful, and the chances I’ve got has discovered the competence that I never thought I had in me. How can’t I love something that has given all of that good things into my life? Continue reading

We Have the Rest of Our Lives to Be Awesome!

Pic from @lovespellsmaster

Pic from @lovespellsmaster

Got bored at home and I ended up browsing the pictures my friends liked on Instagram. Then there I found a beautiful picture of a girl on the beach. I thought she was a girl, but apparently, she was a 50 something woman and a mother of three! I scrolled down her Instagram account and her pictures had really awed me! She always looks stylish, pretty, and that perfect body! It’s so perfect that I thought she might have had some jobs done, hehehe

Looking at her glamorous pictures made me realize that we wouldn’t need to be 20 something just to be awesome. We have the rest of our lives to be as awesome as we are! We can always dress up, wearing heels, put some make up and take a lot more stunning photographs as long as we’re still breathing! So why should we all be worried of growing old? Continue reading

An Inspiration On The Road

Recently, during the painful hours of waiting in traffic, I witnessed a simple act of kindness that had such a profound impact on me. It brought me to tears. It was a bright morning. I was observing a municipality cleaner, who was doing his morning chores. Tears of sweat glistened on his face, nevertheless he continued working.

I had finished sympathizing with him and got distracted by the green light of the signal just when the guy in the car in front of me pulled his window down, called the cleaner and gave him some cash, probably as a token of appreciation. The middle-aged man nodded his head and pocketed the cash happily and thanked the guy in the car. I was so moved to see the gesture. Continue reading

Breathe It All In, Love It All Out

Do I work hard enough? What is my future going to look like? How much of it is in my own hands? Am I making the right choices? My mind is cluttered with doubts, thoughts and more thoughts. We all get them, don’t we?  I can work towards my goals all I want, sometimes my insecurities still get the best of me.

I decide to take a walk in the mangrove. I’m lucky to have those trees living in a suburban area of a bigger city – even if it’s just a small patch in a sea of concrete. Continue reading

Something to Remember

The other day I was sitting by myself in a local coffee shop near my office. I was drinking a latte and working on my laptop, something I really enjoy doing. For some reason I’m much more productive when I don’t work from office or home.

A group of three girls sat left from me. Talking and laughing about general high school stuff, I assumed. Until after a few minutes I realized they were laughing about me, and the fact that I was sitting here all by myself. According to them, I must have no friends and therefore be a horrible person.

In the past, this would have made me feel terrible about myself. I might have even stopped going to coffee shops by myself because I’d feel so self-conscious about my surroundings, but that’s not me. Not anymore at least.

Because what people say doesn’t matter. It doesn’t matter what some high school girl thinks of me. It doesn’t matter if people think it’s weird that I like to do things by myself.

What matters is that I got a lot of work done today. What matter is that I get to enjoy a delicious latte. What matters is that I feel good today. That I’m free to enjoy the sun when so many people can’t. What matters is that I feel comfortable in my own skin and my surroundings, without being affected by what others think.


Young at Heart. Slightly Older in Other Places.


I often get the question if I have children, I think to myself, “Do I look old enough to have children?? I admit, I held on to my childhood as long as I could. It’s been a struggle allowing myself to growing up and now I have entered in the phase called aging. I still see myself as a young lady, although you have to be over 50 to refer to me as such. *Crying emoji.

I am now understanding why make-up was invited, I am noticing my face change and often wonder if there is anything I can do to prevent my fate. How do I stop time? It took me years to find myself beautiful, and now its fading away right before my eyes. I should have been more thankful when I was a teenager, instead of being worried about pimples. 
Continue reading

Instagram, A Challenge For Those Who Has A Real Web Blog

Blog vs. Instagram? Don’t get me wrong; I love Instagram as much as everyone else, and it’s definitely my #1 social media obsession, but I never considered that it could be on the same playing field as a blog. I like to think that Instagram compliments my blog but can never replace it.

My Instagram photos are a little more relaxed and brings readers further into my life. When I follow a blogger, I always look to follow their Instagram pages as well. It’s usually a good daily way to keep up with them.

Sometimes I have this weird & confusing feeling/questioning of, Is anyone even reading? Continue reading

BYE BYE 2016


It’s not the end of the year just yet, but this is the last post I’ll make for 2016. So as the sun sets on the past, let me share some parting wisdom to take us into 2017. Uhuuuuk!

Last night, while deleting some old pictures, I found this one. A blurry shot taken with a budget smartphone – it hardly looks like much. Yet, it was exactly what I needed to see.
What’s so special about this picture?

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#BunTingStory: I Am An Unromantic Person

Photo from here

Photo from here

I’m trying not to procrastinate my posting or else my momentum would be lost again.

It’s been close to 3 months and sometimes I still wonder what my husband sees in me. I swear anybody, especially if one’s of the opposite sex, would have already surrendered before we hit our third month together because of my stubborn temper. hahaha

My mindset in a way deters people from knowing me, I know that, especially guys which explains why at the age of 19, I’m only in my second relationship (and probably the final one :)). Because according to my friends, they feel threatened and overshadowed as I’m not your usual girly-girl. During my secondary school years, I distant myself from guys A LOT even when they want to get to know me.

I can be considered as a feminist, but in a different way because I do not consider both genders to be equal. When I have many heavy cartons that need to be transported, I’d still love the males to be the ones doing it.  Basically I just enjoy the feeling of empowerment. You’re right, I’m a man in a female’s body. Continue reading

Two Sides : Religiosity and Tolerance


Maraknya isu agama, politik dan budaya beberapa waktu belakangan ini membuat saya teringat skripsi saya dulu waktu kuliah Bahasa Prancis yang mengangkat soal muticultural. Buat saya ini hal yang menarik. I have been wondering about this for awhile, and seems to be a sensitive subject. My biggest problem is how do I get beyond my bias towards my friends ‘faith’?

I have been through a similar process over the last few years. Growing up religious but I make it clear to friends/acquaintances/family that though I have no problem with their private faith, they MUST keep it to themselves, and not presume the rest of us want or need to hear about it. I make sure they know I am as offended by their open and presumptious talk of God/prayer etc. as they might be of others private habits, views or practices. I think its important to teach religious people they are entitled to their views, but are not entitled to presume others want to hear them.

Faith cannot be proven. If it could be, it wouldn’t be faith. What we muslims hold is that because of faith we find light and hope in a world where otherwise there might not be any. I don’t think that’s a bad or foolish thing. Continue reading