Mulutmu, Harimaumu


First of all, mari kita ingat kembali… Pernahkah kita melakukan 3 hal yang saya sebutkan di bawah ini?

Mulut tidak berhenti mengomentari berbagai detail dari pernikahan seorang teman… Makanan terlalu pedas, makanan sudah hampir habis, AC kurang dingin, kebersihan kurang terjaga, make-up si pengantin terlalu menor, dsb dsb… Setiap kali ketemu satu tamu lain yang kita kenal, mulut kita ini langsung sibuk melontarkan berbagai kekurangan dari pernikahan teman kita itu.

Kantor sedang mengadakan kegiatan rapat kerja tahunan, dan kita tidak henti-hentinya menggosipkan kinerja panitia raker. Pengumuman yang terlambat, instruksi yang kurang jelas, koordinasi yang kacau balau, acara ngaret lima belas menit, dst dst…

Atau saat sedang pergi berlibur dengan beberapa orang teman. Kita terus menerus mengungkapkan kekecewaan kita terhadap furniture hotel yang sudah tua, tour guide yang tidak pandai berbahasa Inggris, makanan yang rasanya aneh, sampai live show yang membosankan dan bikin ngantuk.

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BYE BYE 2016


It’s not the end of the year just yet, but this is the last post I’ll make for 2016. So as the sun sets on the past, let me share some parting wisdom to take us into 2017. Uhuuuuk!

Last night, while deleting some old pictures, I found this one. A blurry shot taken with a budget smartphone – it hardly looks like much. Yet, it was exactly what I needed to see.
What’s so special about this picture?

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#BunTingStory: Belajar Mengelola Keuangan Setelah Menikah


Baru minggu pertama Desember tapi pengeluaran berdua sudah di atas 6,5 juta? Pppfftt.. Mengelola keuangan setelah menikah tentu lebih rumit daripada sebelum menikah. Setelah menikah, ada hal-hal yang harus ditambahi, dikurangi, dan dikompromikan. I know talking about money can be a little awkward; the goal of my post today is not to suggest that our way is the only way or to imply that we “have it all together” in every aspect of our life. It is simply to show some methods that have helped improve our financial picture and that are possible for everyone to try or consider.

Before I get into my list, though, I want to share my big, overarching secret with you when it comes to managing finances: It’s all about your mindset. SERIUS DEH! There have been times in my adult life where I have played the victim when it comes to our finances, thinking things like, “I wish we could just be normal. I want to go into one store and buy whatever I want without having to worry about shopping around for deals or staying under budget. I’m sick of tracking our spending,” etc., etc., etc.

And you know what?

I easily get off track when my mindset is negative. When I am excited about saving and meeting our financial goals, though, it almost ends up being like a fun game. It’s a challenge to see how much we can save and what we can do to improve our financial picture. Make it fun. Make it a challenge. Keep the big picture in mind, stay focused, and stay positive. That’s the real key to making this thing work.

Ini beberapa cara sederhana yang sudah kami aplikasikan dalam keluarga kecil #BunTingStory. Tentunya seiring berjalannya waktu ke depan pasti ada perubahan.

Ready to hear our secrets? Here we go!

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Keeping Myself Inspired and Happy On The Daily

It’s amazing how fast the days fly by, isn’t it? I’m pretty sure the older you get, the more time speeds up – every day is just a tiny bit shorter. Or maybe it’s all perspective. But it sure feels like we’re whipping past the days and weeks lately!

One of the most difficult parts of running your own show in your spare time (and the question I get asked more than any other) is how do you stay inspired and motivated to keep it going day after day?

Well, please know, first of all, that there are absolutely days when I don’t feel inspired. But there are things you can do to take full advantage of your creative spirit and keep the inspiration flowing for almost all of the time. Continue reading

My Productivity Tactics

Happy Wednesday, folks!! I hope you’re having a fantastic week, and an even better weekend ahead! …Is there such a thing as a bad weekend??

I have a question for you. When’s the last time you started something? An event, an organization … bla bla bla? What “thing” have you been wanting to start or maybe have already started but lost motivation for, that you can make a reality in your life?

images (3)

                       Pic from here

The act of starting something isn’t too terrible; in fact, it’s exciting! The beginning stages of anything new brings a whole new world to dive into, and it can be fun learning about everything and sharing this exciting new venture with friends and family.

What can be a little more difficult and maybe even seemingly impossible for some people? The finishing of that thing. I’m a finisher. I commits to a lot of things — meetings, events, projects, clients, the list goes on and on. And despite the extent of what I’m saying “yes” to, I inevitably will make it my purpose to finish that thing, no matter what. Continue reading

My Idea of “Enough”

Happy Satuday, babes!!!

I hope you’re having a fantastic week, and an even better weekend ahead!

I have a question for you. Is there a perfect age to own a business?

I think about this question a lot, mostly because it’s unavoidable to think about it. For the most part, we go through life thinking that success is achieved when your ideal lifestyle is met. What I never questioned, however, is how much money do we really need to bring us success and happiness?

Pic from here

Pic from here

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How I Deal with Negative Comments


So today, let me share my thoughts how to respond to the negativity because I got negative comment on my blog. ^^

Social media…hmm yeaah it can bring out the best in people and the worst in people. No matter what business you are in, you are going to face times where peoples will leave a negative comment on your social media platforms. If there is one thing I want you to know, it is that you are not alone. This happens to everyone who puts themselves out there on social media. Truth be told, you don’t have to react to negative comments as though a crisis is taking place. Instead, you can choose to see negative comments as something you can build upon.

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A Bad Moment Does Not Make A Bad Day

The other day, while in conversation with a few friends at work, one of them mentioned why he doesn’t believe in bad days.


“You can have bad moments, but that doesn’t mean you’re having a bad day.”

This kind of stuck with me. So much so, that I came home that night and hand painted the phrase “a bad momet does not make a bad day” as a reminder to myself. Now..well I’m writing an entire blog post about it.

We are naturally more likely to hold onto the bad moments than the good ones. And, when the bad moments happens toward the end of the work day, you’re even more likely to bring these negative feelings home with you and suddenly, you’ve had a bad day. In reality, the day may have been just fine, great even – but the bad things that brought you down is the most recent and vivid memory you have of your day, so you’re going to hold onto it a little longer. Continue reading

Why Im Trying Not To Be Perfect

imagesAs I was walking from Indomaret to my house carrying a loads of heavy bags, I started thinking about the process that we as humans go through. The pressure upon people in the younger generations are great when it comes to being perfect. It’s like we all have to have the perfect skin, hair and are expected to be happy all the time, because we are “young”. We are also always expected to get high grades as we are all classed as bright and clever. Continue reading


“When nobody celebrates you, learn to celebrate yourself. When nobody else compliments, then compliment yourself. It’s not up to other people to keep you encouraged. It’s up to you. Encouragement should come from the inside.” – Joel Osteen

Dear Readers,

Today I logged into my account and immediately saw that more than 211000 of you had already viewed my blog site!!! Keep enjoying the journey fellas!

I can not tell you how emotional and happy that made me feel. I am really stuck for words.

Three years ago I was someone who wanted to make other people feel happy, joyful and make them laugh. I know, because of this, know there is someone out there, maybe just one person sat there smiling at the screen there looking at my posts. I don’t even care if you are smiling or laughing at my atrocious spelling or my actual posts, it’s making a little bit of a difference. hahaha

The thing that inspired me to write this post was the fact that I would never have dreamed that I’d be where I am today. Back then I never used to do anything different each day, and I didn’t really have the confidence to do anything new. But then I realised that I needed to change. To be happy, sometimes you need to do some things that are out of your comfort zones. For me, it was blogging. I know it doesn’t sound like that big of a deal. However, after about 3 months I was happy, way happier than before and ever since then (about a year and a half ago) I’ve been getting happier with every day.

it’s easy to get sucked into a blogging rut. But, I wrote down everything that I love about blogging as a reminder to myself.

  1. You learn a HUGE amount of skills without realising.
  2. There are some incredibly talented people out there.
  3. It’s amazing to watch your space grow and feel proud that it’s something you’ve built.
  4. You get to discover things that you might not have found before.
  5. It can be a place to escape when you’ve had a rubbish day. LOL!
  6. You can be whoever you want to be online, more than likely you will find yourself being more honest than you’re in real life.
  7. Everybody has a different blogging story and it’s interesting to hear them.

What are your favourite things about blogging?