Finally getting a chance to update my blog and it feels SOOOOOO good. It’s been a while, sorry guys but I’ve been (and still) completely overloaded with many other stuff.

Oh ..I just noticed my blog turned over to 170,000 views!! THANK YOU!!

This is something I’ve definitely been struggling with since I joined Instagram. I’ve noticed a definite decline in my blog content. It’s so easy to just take quick snaps and upload them to Instagram. Imstagram has forced me to rethink my content. Do share things immediately when I can, but make more effort on a deeper content when it’s about my blog. Personally, I use Instagram on certain, reoccurring series as a way  to get a peek into my life.

Yeah, dengan semakin tersitanya waktu karena urusan kerja, alhasil untuk menulis sebuah konten yang dalam dan panjang rasanya susaaaaah sekali. Postingan terakhir bulan Desember tahun lalu. Jadi ada cerita apa saja selama saya meghilang tiga bulan ini? BANYAK. Sampai bingung harus memulai yang mana dulu ya.

I thought I’d give a quick round up of some my favourite things so far this year!

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Semarang Open 2014 Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition

A dream doesn’t become reality through magic. It takes sweat, determination, and hard work. – Colin Powell

I’m back! finaleeeeh … 😀

Life has been hectic the past few weeks.

So .. let’s talk about my competition 3 weeks ago. I took a part to national competition called Semarang Open 2014. This is an annual event, and this year is the second year that the freestyle slalom competition was held in Semarang. Time goes by way too fast; I still remember last year competition with my team, just like it was yesterday.

The day before competition there was a workshop with the guest star, Yu Jin Seong and Terence Cheung. They are top skater from Korea and Singapore. Here the video … check this out!

Every time I come back to freestyle slalom competition, I enjoy it more and more. I think part of the reason, is because I know what to expect. A couple of things were different this year, or at least seemed like they were.

Even though we went through some difficult times, we will work our hardest for this competition because we know we can do it and we will. I was up at 5 am Saturday morning; excited but I also had nervous butterflies. After 2 month in full on training mode, I’m ready for the competition. I don’t know how many times during a workout I have felt like I was going to barf, pass out, or DIE. But I did not. I kept going. 😀


I felt nervous. Semarang Open 2014 was a national competition. At this competition, I got nervous, breathing hard, my stomach churning, not being able to eat, and feeling like I had to pee every time I had a chance to cool down. Continue reading

Things that Made Me Happy this Week

Hey everyone!

Can you believe it’s nearly April already?

Seems like it was only a while ago that I wrote my gratitude on the blog. Then, I finally stopped doing it in public and decided to count my everyday blessings in private.
I believe that there is always something be thankful for.

So, this is my list:

♡ Happy loooooong weekend! I was happy that the break was finally upon me, so I took advantage of it, and well … took a break and spent the Saturday night relaxing with my boy friend and my family.

♡ Last Sunday was one of the days I was in the house all day. Take a nap. I consider this a rather productive activity; it recharges your energy level, so you can be ready for the next chapter of your life. I also made some dishes and blogging in the night. Continue reading

SAMBA 2014

What’s up with me lately?!

Last Saturday I have some spare time. So I decided to attend SAMBA “Sambut Brazil” 2014 at the mall in my city. This event was held by FIFASTRA from 22 February until 24 February 2014 to celebrate World Cup 2014 in Brazil this year.
There are dance competition, kids fashion show, games, music and dance performance, and special guest star. The guest star is Bambang Pamungkas, he is a famous football player in Indonesia. He will give a coaching clinic. Well, I’m not a soccer fan, not interested too much to the guest star or the soccer things.

So I decided to participate in the game in the second day. I choose ‘Holding the Giant Ball’ game. In Bahasa that’s mean Game Pegang Bola. The prize money is one million rupiah (it’s about $100). That’s worth!

Let me tell you, the rules for the games are quite difficult. All the participants had to hold the giant ball with their hands plus pinning the soccer ball between their legs. The craziest part is we must stand for 9 hours! Continue reading

Laporan Tahunan Blog Saya – 2013 in review

The stats helper monkeys prepared a 2013 annual report for this blog.

Here’s an excerpt:

The concert hall at the Sydney Opera House holds 2,700 people. This blog was viewed about 11,000 times in 2013. If it were a concert at Sydney Opera House, it would take about 4 sold-out performances for that many people to see it.

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Happy Mother’s Day

Hello folks!
It’s Sunday and the cold weather is finally here. Saking dinginnya saya semalem tidur pake kaos kaki juga. Dan bisa ditebak deh akhirnya saya bangun siang, jam 12! hehe … gag apa-apa lah ya kan hari Minggu. 😀
I know that today is Mother’s Day. And I think that certainly calls for a blog post!
On this Mother’s Day, best wishes to everyone who is a mom, wanting to be a mom, appreciating a mom, filling in for a mom, or missing a mom today.
ma fam 7

This is the day we try to remember all the good things our mothers have done for us. Continue reading

Ice Cream Party Mall Ciputra


Lama banget gag nulis, akhirnya bisa mlipir ke sini bentar ya. Semoga follower saya gag pada ilang ya gara-gara saya lamaaaa absen. 😦

Sumpah kemarin sibuk banget prepare buat Astra Freestyle Slalom Skating Competition sampai gag sempet ngutik-ngutik blog. Btw tar pasti bakalan saya tulis keseruan event kemarin di postingan mendatang kalo mood buat nulis banyak udah muncul lagi.hihihi Continue reading

Saturdate at Crowne Plaza Hotel Semarang


Ngapain aja weekend kali ini guys? Saya syh masih sama seperti biasanya yaitu latihan inline. Cuma ada yang sedikit berbeda hari Sabtu kemarin saya berenang sejenak di Crowne Plaza Hotel Semarang sebelum latihan. Berhubung jadwal latihan sore di skip pindah ke Java mall gara-gara lapangan Simpang Lima dipakai buat acara Fornas (Festival Olah Raga Rekreasi Nasional) gitu jadi bisa curi-curi waktu deh ya. Yippiiii! Continue reading

12 Tips Staying Inspired

Selamat hari blogger nasional!

Eiits, emang sekarang hari blogger ya? Saya juga baru tahu kalo gag karena baca twitnya mbak @TrinityTraveler. Duh parah ih saya gag menjiwai dunia perbloggeran luar dalam. Ampuuun!

Nah terinspirasi dari twitnya mbak @TrinityTraveler kalo di hari yang spesial ini berarti harus ada postingan baru, maka saya langsung putar otak mau nulis apa hari ini. Uuuuh! Bingung kali ambo ini, secara hari Minggu yang serba malas dan santai ini gag banyak aktifitas menarik yang saya lakukan, gag ada cerita seru yang bisa saya ceritakan, dan tadi juga bolos Car Free Day (CFD) jadi gag ada yag asik-asik yang bisa saya bagikan. Errrrr….

Setelah semedi sehari semalam akhirnya datang juga pencerahan. Mending saya bagi-bagi tips aja ya biar staying inspired terus. Sekali-kali bolehlah sok-sokan jadi expert gitu.hihihi …

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