I Am A Stationery Addict

One of my favorite ever things is stationery. I like buying it, I like looking at it, I like arranging it nicely on my desk and taking pictures of it.

Pens, pencils, and papers- will I ever get enough?

It’s been a few years since I was at university so I don’t have a reason to buy stationery at this time of the year. However, I still love stationery and keep buying it anyway. For some reason, I love collecting notebooks even though most of them are left empty and unwritten. Some products are quite pricey but if you catch them on sale, they’re fairly reasonable.

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6 Tips Mengelola Kartu Kredit (Based On My Experience)

Pic from here
Pic from here

Sejujurnya saya tidak terlalu suka memakai kartu kredit, lalu mengapa saya memiliki kartu kredit? Itu semua tak lebih untuk membantu seseorang mencapai deadline dari kantornya. Heuheuheu…toh kartu kredit yang saya miliki ini jarang saya pakai. Bahkan saya tidak menaruhnya dalam dompet sehingga tidak gampang tergoda untuk memakainya sewaktu-waktu.

Sebelumnya, mari kita bahas terlebih dahulu sebenarnya apa syh syarat mengajukan kartu kredit? Pada dasarnya setiap bank memiliki kebijakan yang berbeda-beda, bahkan dalam penetapan suku bunganya pun berbeda-beda. Untuk itu calon pemilik kartu kredit harus selektif untuk memilih bank manakah yang dapat memberi manfaat lebih. Namun begitu ada syarat-syarat yang kurang lebih sama jika kita ingin apply kartu kredit, yaitu:Continue reading “6 Tips Mengelola Kartu Kredit (Based On My Experience)”

The People Who Live Next Door

I know what my fellow bloggers/Facebook friends do, where they live, where they went on a holiday, what their last post/status was about but I don’t know the same about my neighbors. Funny, isn’t it?

Being a 90s kid, I understand that this was not the scenario a decade ago. Those days, neighbors were the closest group of people after one’s family. They were always a part of a family’s joy as well as sufferings. Those were the days of petty arguments followed by apologies and promises of everlasting friendship. Those were the days when kids were more interested in whats cooking in the house of the aunt who lives next door. In fact, probably most of our free time was spent in our neighbor’s house than our own, or in playing ‘catching cook’ with the society kids.Continue reading “The People Who Live Next Door”

Vespadventure: Riding is the Spice of Life



Can two people be content wedged together on one vespa, with one holding all the power of maneuvering the machine and one literally putting his or her life in the hands of the operator? Sure! Thousands of couples ride vespas two-up for thousands of miles a year and love it. Just like us.Continue reading “Vespadventure: Riding is the Spice of Life”

The Price of Freedom

Postingan ini ditulis sambil mantengin situs nyari tiket pesawat buat liburan tahun depan bareng suami, sambil menikmati bakso yang lewat depan rumah pas gerimis syahdu gini. Sejenak jadi mikir. Gara-gara pusing nyari tiket, bukan perkara harganya tapi ngatur waktunya. PPPppffTTTttt


We throw the word around a lot.

Kids want freedom from adult authority. Parents want their kids to enjoy freedom from peer pressure.

The LGBT community wants freedom from societal expectations of sexuality and gender norms. African Americans want freedom from racial profiling. Women want freedom from chauvinism and patriarchal social structures.

We all want freedom.
But what is it really?
And if you knew exactly what it was, what price would you put on it?

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#BunTingStory: Belajar Mengelola Keuangan Setelah Menikah


Baru minggu pertama Desember tapi pengeluaran berdua sudah di atas 6,5 juta? Pppfftt.. Mengelola keuangan setelah menikah tentu lebih rumit daripada sebelum menikah. Setelah menikah, ada hal-hal yang harus ditambahi, dikurangi, dan dikompromikan. I know talking about money can be a little awkward; the goal of my post today is not to suggest that our way is the only way or to imply that we “have it all together” in every aspect of our life. It is simply to show some methods that have helped improve our financial picture and that are possible for everyone to try or consider.

Before I get into my list, though, I want to share my big, overarching secret with you when it comes to managing finances: It’s all about your mindset. SERIUS DEH! There have been times in my adult life where I have played the victim when it comes to our finances, thinking things like, “I wish we could just be normal. I want to go into one store and buy whatever I want without having to worry about shopping around for deals or staying under budget. I’m sick of tracking our spending,” etc., etc., etc.

And you know what?

I easily get off track when my mindset is negative. When I am excited about saving and meeting our financial goals, though, it almost ends up being like a fun game. It’s a challenge to see how much we can save and what we can do to improve our financial picture. Make it fun. Make it a challenge. Keep the big picture in mind, stay focused, and stay positive. That’s the real key to making this thing work.

Ini beberapa cara sederhana yang sudah kami aplikasikan dalam keluarga kecil #BunTingStory. Tentunya seiring berjalannya waktu ke depan pasti ada perubahan.

Ready to hear our secrets? Here we go!

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#BunTingStory: Hidup Minimalis, Bikin Hidup Terasa Lebih Manis

Pic from here
Photo from here

It’s Wifey Wednesday! Today’s Wifey Wednesday post is going to share some things I’ve learned about marriage so far. Girrrrrrrl let me tell you. After Iting and I celebrated our 1 monthversary last Tuesday, I couldn’t help but think back on the journey – the good times and the bad.  They say the first 6 months of marriage is the roughest. Whoever “they” is, I can see that as being true.

For me, it was getting through the transitioning period, living with someone other than myself (we didn’t live together until marriage) and learning how to be a good wife. I realized I’m traditional in the sense that I like to clean my own house and cook for my husband. I can’t imagine myself ever wanting to hire a cleaning crew or a chef. I’m also learning so many new things about myself, my husband and our relationship everyday. I’m inspired to share so keep reading!

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My Habits That Make Me An Office Weirdo


One of the many perks of having a normal job like a normal person is that I have a whole new source of blog content: healthy living meets professional life! I’ve I’m already laughing at myself on a daily basis for all the awkward things I do. Some of them I do on purpose in the name of health, but most of them are only incidentally healthy and I do them without thinking about it. It may not make me many friends, but I’m embracing it.Continue reading “My Habits That Make Me An Office Weirdo”

Semaine Un Peu Difficile …..Pour Courir???


Salut !

Se motiver pour courir est parfois plus difficile, mais comme vous le savez il y a toujours des hauts et des bas dans la vie d’un athlète et celle-ci était juste un peu moins bonne. Les baisses de motivation nous arrivent à tous, c’est tout à fait normal.  Toutefois ça fait plusieurs années que je ne me pose plus cette question : Comment se motiver pour courir lorsqu’il fait froid, qu’il pleut, que j’ai envie de m’étendre dans mon canapé… ! Pourquoi ? Parce que j’ai changé ma façon de m’entraîner à l’année. Tout est basé sur ma mon plan d’entraînement annuel et s’entraîner sérieusement sans se prendre au sérieux! hahaha

Du coup, aujourd’hui, je vous donne mes 5 meilleurs conseils pour se motiver pour courir et garder cette motivation au top toute l’année !Continue reading “Semaine Un Peu Difficile …..Pour Courir???”

Stasiun Kopi, One of The Coffee Shops I Fell In Love


Hello coffee lovers!

Sudah ngopi belum hari ini? Kalau belum pas banget saya mau berbagi sedikit pengalaman mencoba tempat ngopi yang seru. Kedai kopi di Semarang memang banyak, banyak banget malah. Apalagi dengan perkembangan teknologi jaman sekarang dan gencarnya media sosial membuat banyak tempat ngopi baru bermunculan. Tentunya dengan konsep ala kekinian yang mengedepankan desain kafe yang asik dan menu yang fotogenic banget.

Tapi kedai kopi pilihan saya kali ini bukan yang seperti itu. kedai kopi pilihan saya ini terbilang sederhana. Stasiun Kopi namanya. Alamat tepatnya saya kurang paham, yang jelas di daerah Wot gandul yang menuju ke arah Semawis. Perhatikan saja sepanjang kiri jalan nah nanti kelihatan deh. Harus sedikit awas memang, karena kedai kopi ini relatif kecil.

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