I haven’t tried out any makeup from Luxcrime so I was pretty eager to try out their Second Skin Luminous Cushion. I haven’t been really into dewy finishes lately so, to be honest, I tried out this product thinking that I wouldn’t like it but it is surprisingly nice and works well for my skin type.

So, let’s get right into this review!

Product Description

The website describes this Second Skin Luminous Cushion transforms your complexion. It provides buildable coverage, long-lasting and lightweight finish. Powerful broad-spectrum SPF 25 defends against daily exposure to UVA and UVB rays. Skin appears more luminous, smoothed, and more beautiful every day.

This cushion comes in five shades: Vanilla (light neutral), Honey (light medium), Cashew (medium neutral), Chestnut (warm tan), and Toffee (warm deep).

This cushion has six main claims, listed below:
– Buildable Coverage
– Hydrating
– long-lasting and lightweight
– Powerful broad-spectrum SPF 25
– Pigmented for a medium coverage
– Fungal Acne Safe

Packaging – Unit Carton

This cushion has one of the most extra unit carton packagings that I have ever come across and – frankly – I love it. I would love to give this as a present because unboxing it kind of felt like I was opening a treasure box. It was exciting to slowly find all of the pieces and I especially like that the design of the box is also deceivingly simple and modern (i.e. not gimmicky).

The box is a emerald green with pink and white lettering. When you open it up, you will see the cushion case sitting on the top. Underneath that box, which is labeled with a direction to open it, you will pull it open to find another compartment with the refill and the plastic carry bag. In total, this product comes with the case and one refill.

Packaging – Cushion Case

The case, on the other hand, is very simple and beautifully designed. It is made of a matte plastic, which is the same emerald green colour as the unit carton. It has a really aesthetic feel with a slight weight to it. Overall, the case has a slim-line shape and a beautiful modern design, as well as being very high quality.

This cushion also comes with a puff, naturally, and this one feels very soft and lightweight. It is a light white colour and, personally, I prefer darker coloured puffs so that they don’t stain so easily – but that’s a personal thing. The puff is a bit thin, but it is still soften and blends out the product easily.

The product is sealed with a sticker and, when you peel that off, the sponge is very highly saturated. In fact, be careful not to go overboard with this. The sponge is more light and porous than what I’m used to seeing and, while this means that it dispenses more product more easily (which is always appreciated), I do wonder if this means the product will dry out faster? I have yet to test that.

Regardless, I’m really happy with the packaging of this and I think that it’s both aesthetically pleasing, high quality and functional as well.

Application & Personal Experiences

This cushion is a little darker than my natural complexion on first application, but it does set down a little bit brighter (not a lot and no oxidising) so it is fairly easy to blend in to the rest of my face. It has a very dewy finish at first but then dries down to a semi-dewy. This product works both with and without setting powder – which is great because I’ve been a bit lazy with that.

The cushion product has a very thin and lightweight formula, making it super easy to apply and blend out on the skin. It has a somewhat natural finish in comparison to most of the other cushions that I have used, but it’s still visible on the skin. It looks a bit like a cream – a tiny bit thick but not cake-y. I think that this also helps the product to keep your skin hydrated, as I feel that this lasts surprisingly well on my skin.

I put this on in the morning and I often don’t touch up at all (and I get home like 10 hours after). Although there is some fading in my t-zone, the product doesn’t look patchy at all and the oils are rather natural. This product is also easy to reapply if needed and blends back in well too.

Overall, I am happy with this Luxcrime cushion and it’s surprised me – most cushions feel too heavy on my skin now but this one is really comfortable. Although it is hydrating, it isn’t overly dewy and also wears well during the day without touch ups.

Coverage-wise, I would consider this a medium coverage cushion. I have a few spots and blemishes that it couldn’t fully cover, but it evens out the rest of my skin well so I only need a little bit of spot concealing. I think that people with problem skin might feel like this isn’t full coverage enough but it works well if you only have some pigmentation and small blemishes to cover up.

I have dry to normal skin and this works well for me. I feel like it would be best suited for dry to normal skin, but still works for combination or moderately oily skin types.

And so, here’s the verdict!


A hydrating, lightweight cushion with a dewy finish.


Not irritating to my skin

Incredibly intricate and well designed packaging

Beautiful case with a magnetic closure

Product dispenses easily from a more porous sponge

Formula is lightweight and blends in easily

Immediately hydrating

Wears naturally during the day with no cakiness

Medium coverage

Easy to reapply or layer up if needed


I prefer darker coloured puffs






FINISH | 4/5



As I mentioned earlier, I personally do like this cushion and it’s greatly surprised me! I would especially recommend this for people with dry to normal skin type. Application went seamlessly. I got the shade chestnut and it suits my skin tone and shade. Natural coverage, with the sponge, I could fill up the crevices on the sides of my nose, my pores and yeah my bare-ness. It’s really natural if you use it with a light hand. It also feels so light that I don’t feel weighed down after a long day.

Am I Repurchasing?

Well, maybe when there is a sale. It isn’t an IT product for me. Still able to substitute but I won’t deny that it’s a great product. I would however, want to try their other shade.

That’s all for today!

Feel free to drop some questions if you have, and I’ll try my best to answer them! 

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