Why Lack Of Motivation Can Sometimes Be A Good Thing

Hear me out, I’m not going crazy I swear! Lack of motivation is something I have experienced many times, as you also have I’m sure. Those days when I can’t be arsed to get out of bed, tackle my to-do list or do even the simplest of tasks.

Having a lack of motivation is nothing new for us all. It’s something that we have all gone through at some point. When we think of having that lack of motivation, it is seen as a totally negative occurrence that we want rid of. Well, I’m here to tell you, sometimes having that lack of motivation can sometimes be a good thing.

Different factors cause a lack of motivation. 

This could include feeling overwhelmed, a loss of love for a passion you have for a hobby or career, being prone to procrastination or it sadly could be related to mental health, something I have experienced lately. Losing motivation in whichever aspect of your life is a sign that you’re either working too hard or you’re pressuring yourself to reach perfection. I think losing that motivation I once had is a sign that I need to take it easy. 

I like to practice self-care in my life when that happens and just generally do the things I know that I already love doing. It could be something like reading, walking in nature, exercising or even cleaning out my fridge!

For example, in blogging, if I lack the motivation to do tasks such as writing blog posts, shooting photo’s or commenting on bloggers’ posts, then I see that as a sign to step away and focus on other areas in my life. It could be that I start aiming more focus on my life admin eg cleaning, decluttering etc. Once I find that motivation to blog again, I make the most of it before the motivation eventually disappears again. 

I’m not going to write about how best to get that motivation back when you lose it. I like to think that the best way (for me personally) is to just ride it out. My attitude is that it’ll eventually return, however long it takes. Obviously, I want it to return as quickly as possible, but you can’t force motivation in your life. Forcing it means the motivation is meaningless and pointless. I wouldn’t go actively searching for motivation that isn’t there.

If you’re feeling a lack of motivation right now, don’t feel pressurised to want to regain it. It’ll come back soon I promise! I know it is disheartening when the motivation goes, but don’t get too hung up on it. Focus your attention on something else for a while, be gentle to yourself or talk to someone about it.

Also, remember that you’re not the only person to go through this sort of thing, that’s why I think talking to someone about it may help. 

I’d love to know your perspective on this topic? How do you manage a lack of motivation? Let me know your thoughts! 

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