WHY would I want to contemplate a camping trip?


Indeed, precisely because I’ve probably spent a large proportion of the day indoors with my daughter?

This is where camping comes in which is without a doubt, the biggest antidote there is to the busy, screen-fuelled lives we (and to a degree, our children live.) It is grubby, it is hard work and it is one of the most bonding experiences you can ever do as a family.

Certain people get a glow when they talk about camping. It’s like they’re plugging into the memory of the best version of themselves. So, we made sure our lives were full of different adventures.

We’re certainly not camping experts but we’ve been a few times  and now have a good idea of what makes a great site. Here’s some photos from our camping trip last week to Pecatu beach (Gua Manik), Jepara.

The most essential thing to pack is optimism and positivity. Remember you’re there for an adventure and that camping is really just a series of problem-solving exercises. Even when you’re experienced, something always goes wrong. That’s half the fun.

The marvellous thing about camping is that days are LONG. Without real TV/gadget and long showers and commutes and leisurely toilet visits — the days are LONG.

You watch the sun rise. You watch the sun set. The rhythm of your days is dictated by the weather. Ninety-nine per cent of your belongings don’t matter when you’re camping.

On paper it’s just life in a dirtier place with less convenience, but in the doing of it I get to be a relaxed parent. I’m not stressed by the day-to-day workings of our lives, but relax and enjoy our family dynamics without having to do ‘life’.

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