Beach Car Camping

What better way to spend a beach vacation than waking up with sand out your tent door and the waves crashing at your feet?!

When I say car camping, I don’t mean sleeping in your car, although that is an option some people choose. I mean you drive your car and park it at your campsite, allowing you to bring some luxuries along that wilderness camping does not.

Having a campsite right on the beach is key, because you don’t have to lug toys, sun tent, etc back and forth and you can just walk over and nap your kids in the tent if you need be. Also, shade is important. So we went for the car camping to Yogyakarta.

I have come to realize there is nothing better than the conversations had on road-trips. There is something about the monotonous highway drive that brings out goofy vulnerability like none other. Road-trip conversations are some of the best conversations I have ever had. People’s walls just seem to melt away and there seems to be no question that is too personal to ask or answer. Relationships are strengthened, tears exchanged, and belly aching laughter fills the air. Truly nothing like it.

Sure, Yogyakarta offers many luxury hotels that are a nice way to treat yourself with comfy beds and spa services, but for me, I like to be outdoors as much as I can.

I’ve been camping since I was a teenager. I got introduced to it through a school program and loved it! I’ve enjoyed the wellness benefits of the outdoors, and appreciate all the amenities available through camping at a low price. From beautiful beaches to scenic hiking trails to stunning stars showing off, camping has something for everyone. Nothing beats cozying up in a warm sleeping bag and drifting off to sleep with soothing night sounds and soft glow of the moon and the stars.

When I became a mom, camping became a favourite activity with my daughter. It is an excellent way for them to engage with nature from a young age and develop a love and appreciation for the great outdoors

Camping with the whole family is a cherished way to make memories, disconnect from our busy lives, reconnect with each other, and introduce our daughter to an appreciation for the outdoors.

I love the outdoors and enjoyed lots of camping trips. I wanted Chiara to enjoy my favourite experiences as soon as possible. I decided to give it a go quite early on, because I felt that introducing Chiara to camping at an early age would build her confidence, help her bond with me and of course every new experience is an opportunity for learning! Plus, I have always found that camping and being at one with nature is good for the soul.

No matter what age, camping with kids can be a wild success. The best advice I can offer, personally? Have fun with it and let go of any expectations. Do what works for you and your family. As for me, camping with our daughter is a favorite family pastime. I hope it will be one of yours, too.

No matter what happens on this second time camping with Chiara, this is a moment in my parental experience that’s pretty special. It’s a chance to share one of my favorite activities with her, and hopefully foster a lifelong love for being in nature.

So, the first step in deciding where you want to camp is decide what type of experience you want. It will be hard to choose, but some of your options include beachfront camps, reserved space at national parks, rainforests, and hostel properties with some facilities.

I find that the beachfront camping always ensures a great nights’ sleep with the waves as a lullaby.

I have one word for this location: Gunung Kidul! If you want to be sung to sleep by the waves, this is your camping spot.

Yogyakarta has more than enough options for a beach-side getaway. Gunung Kidul, Yogyakarta is truly blessed to have a wealth of gorgeous beaches. With a diverse range of vibrant landscapes to explore, Gunung Kidul truly is a natural playground for the entire family. One of the best ways to get a sense of the area is to camp among its natural beauty. 

One of Gunung Kidul’s most recognised beaches, Krakal Beach is the perfect spot for camping. Visitors can enjoy the cool water, or head up to an adjacent, rocky hill to admire ever stretching views of the beach, and the clear water. To top it off, the area hosts shady campgrounds and is conveniently located near the shoreline. If you’re looking for beachfront camping grounds to accompany your stay in Gunung Kidul, Krakal Beach can deliver. IMHO, the area is kids-friendly.

Our tent was pitched right on the grass at the edge of the beach, so the views out our tent door were magical. We had finished setting up the tent when it suddenly started raining. This was a lot of fun, it gave us a time to laugh and bond. Luckily, we had position the tent on a high flat surface where water could not come into our tent. This was one of my favorite moments.

Even with the rain, I had never been happier. The quiet beach and trees surrounded the tent. While we all enjoyed the sound of the rain’s very soft light droplets dripping on our tent while we chatted about our daily life stories. We made wet-weather camping fun. I noticed how unique it was camping under the sound of the rain; we were gathered around in the middle of nature and it was a nice feeling.

At night, it was a little bit cool and humid. My husband cooked a warm meal over the fire for us. I realized that a meal and good conversation would warm us right up. At some points throughout the meal when there was silence among us, all you could hear was the sound of the wave.

We shared a lot of stories, things about ourselves, made toast, and played a few games. As the night progressed we got more comfortable with each other, and I found myself to start “living in the moment”. I started thinking more of my relationship with others and nature. The camping trip exceeded all of my expectations, it was an awesome time.

The next morning, I opened my eyes and ears. I could hear the birds and the crickets chirping repetitively. The beauty of the beach felt amazing. The weather was very cool and pretty. I was admiring the amazing scenery and atmosphere around us.

As I was gazing up into the blue cloudless sky and smelling the clean fresh air when I spotted some birds, which were flying high above me, so I threw out some bread that was left over from an earlier snack. As soon as the bread had hit the sand, the birds had instantly spotted it and they flew down in a kaleidoscopic pattern and landed to feast upon a meal of dry bread.

Car camping trips can be stressful, but everything we needed for the most part (except if you forgot supplies or ran out) was located within walking distance of our campsite.

Here’s some tips and tricks to help you make the most of your beach camping experience

  1. For You

Remember, you’re going camping! It’s okay to wear the same thing over, don’t over pack! It’s just more things you might potentially leave somewhere. Decide on some activities you might do and pack accordingly (do you need swimsuits/towels? Bikes? Fishing equipment? Hiking shoes?). Pack in layers – it can get cool at night. I always leave a dry set of clothes in the car, just in case the stuff in the tent gets wet unexpectedly. Don’t forget medications, your toiletries, towels, sunscreen, and bug spray!

2. For Safety  

Pack a basic first aid kit to deal with minor injuries at your campsite.

3. Keep it simple

While it might be tempting to pack favorite toys, extra games, and a stack of books, keeping it simple is the easier, better option. No stress and fewer items allows kids to just relax into their surroundings and up the ante on their imagination.

4. Pick your tent site carefully

Sun and shade? Check. Not too close to other sites? Check. Are the toilet nearby? Check. Making sure that your campsite hits all of your family’s must-have amenities can make your camping trip successful.

5. Do Your Research

This is true for any trip, but doing your research in advance is doubly important for camping trips. Not only will you need to find out where camping is available and legal, but you’ll need to determine whether campgrounds are currently open.

6. Everything Has Its Place

With a very limited amount of space, it is crucial to stay organized while camping. I found that see-through plastic ziplock worked great to keep my supplies organized and secure. I used a small and a medium-size to store things like toys, snack, extra batteries, etc. The see-through plastic allowed me to easily find supplies at the campsite.

7. Cooking is part of the fun

8. Keep flashlights, lamps or lanterns, and batteries around; it gets dark at night, and you won’t want to turn your car on every time you need to dig something up in the dark.

Nature and the outdoors have always been a huge part of my life. I’ve always gotten a lot of enjoyment from being away from my busy life and just taking time to enjoy the beauty of the world. By being away from the comfort of civilization (my own house, etc) I feel like I really tested myself as a human being. It also made me feel more connected to the world I live in. I always think it’s sad when I hear people say they don’t like to be outside because I feel like it’s a part of who we are, and I hate the thought that we as a culture are losing that. 

On the nature walk I had a lot of time to think about things and I tried my best to just live in the moment because I never get to do that. After I let go of all my worries I was able to enjoy the nature, the leaves changing colors, the animals I saw, the beach, and the overall beautiful landscape.

From our camping trip, I learned that there was plenty of entertainment to be found in exploring nature. I could not wait to find out what other secrets nature had for me to see. I am very grateful for this camping trip. Not only did I experience the beauty of the beach. I also learned that even if the weather is not the best for camping, we can adapt to mother nature as a family to make unforgettable memories.

Camping is the perfect opportunity to appreciate what nature has to offer, rain or shine! Don’t let the rain stop you from having a good time. Amazing memories can be made while camping in the rain.


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