No Ideal Time to Start.

“Great,” you think, “this all sounds like a good idea. I’ll give it a go sometime.”

So many hopes and dreams die in that strange no-man’s land called “someday.” How many of us waste time and energy because we believe in holding out for some better moment to start somewhere far off in the future?

The status quo is comfortable, familiar, and already full in swing. It takes effort and discomfort to break that momentum. When you start telling yourself all the reasons why you can’t begin yet? That’s just plain old resistance. The right moment never actually comes, and in waiting for it, you delay starting indefinitely.

You might think that it makes more sense to wait until things would be easier. You can’t begin writing your blog post just yet because work is chaotic and will die down next month. Or you’ll start applying for jobs soon but wait till the weekend when you have the time. Or worse, you’ll just wait for things to improve in a general sort of way . . .

But the outcome is obvious—later down the line, there is some other reason preventing you from taking action, and so on forever.

The only wait forward is to act. Act even if you’re unsure, even if you don’t feel prepared (hint: you never will), and even if you’re a bit scared. The whole point of taking a big step out your comfort zone is that it’s unfamiliar and a little scary. Wait for it to not be scary and you’ll be waiting a long, long time.

But go easy on yourself; you don’t have to do it all at once, and you don’t have to do it perfectly. You don’t even have to like it as you do it! You just have to do it. In that sense, there’s a lot less pressure on you than you maybe thought. Just take one small action in the right direction, and do not allow yourself to wriggle out of it.

Waiting for the ideal moment is a trick of the perfectionist mind. It speaks to an intolerance for being in process, for doing things inelegantly, or making mistakes.

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