Little Rays of Sunshine

Some of my happiest moments throughout the past couple of weeks have come from forcing myself out out of bed and into the arms of my friends and family. The people you surround yourself with are there for a reason. You made the choice to have them in your life because they make you better in some way; they make you laugh, help ease your pain, bring out the bravest side of you, simply make good company. Just like you need to care for yourself by spending time alone, you need to nourish your relationships by spending time with those people.

I gave myself the day off today and it was so lovely. It’s not as if I don’t often have free time or that I don’t often have the luxury of being lazy; I absolutely do not lead a busy lifestyle. But I really love that about myself. I know plenty of people who are fuelled by a packed schedule and who tend to get restless when they have nothing to do. Sometimes I find myself wishing I was the same. There’s a certain comfort in always having meetings, responsibilities, and to-do lists occupy your mind and it definitely leads to more productivity.

I love having the day to do whatever it is my heart feels drawn to do. No matter what I decide to do, everything is beautiful because the entire day has been mine to unravel in whichever way I choose.

This was the kind of day I had today. Technically uneventful, but filled with so many solitary, relaxing, beautiful moments that my heart feels as if it’s swelling as I sit here writing this. I hit snooze several times this morning, continued to curl up in my toasty blankets until my bedroom was bathed in the late morning sunlight.

I did nothing that I didn’t absolutely want to do; it was a day wonderfully spent.

I hope you’re lucky enough to have a free, beautifully lazy day sometime soon. If not, I strongly advise you to cast off some responsibilities and create one!

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