A Visit to Rumah Atsiri Indonesia

Are you intrigued by the delicate processes that go into creating your favourite essential oils? We had a lovely visit to Rumah Atsiri Indonesia. We both found Rumah Atsiri’s history and essential oils industry interesting. A warm welcome awaits you at Rumah Atsiri Indonesia.

Rumah means home; Atsiri means essential oil from plants. As a house that collects all the essential oil plants of Indonesia, shown to the people how deeply and wealthy the Indonesian plants derived from nature exceeds of spices. All the collections of essential oil plants from Indonesia only available in Rumah Atsiri Indonesia.

Rumah Atsiri Indonesia is an edu-recreation complex and research center pivoted around a restored Indonesian-Bulgarian Citronella factory from 1963 in Plumbon Village, Tawangmangu, focusing in the education, research, development, and recreation related to essential oils. Rumah Atsiri Indonesia embraces the local environment, culture, tradition, philosophy, and community of Plumbon Village, Tawangmangu to offer a genuine, responsible, and authentic option of experiencing this destination.

Rumah Atsiri is home to at least 50 atsiri species from sereh (citronella), kayu putih, pala (nutmeg) and mawar (rose), to jinten (caraway seeds), cendana, arum dalu and rosmarin (rosemary). For those of you that are sensitive to strong smells and the thought of walking through a essential oils museum intimidates you, you have nothing to worry about. The scents are tightly controlled, so you only smell them in the specific areas you’re supposed to, not just wafting incessantly through the rooms and halls.

Visitors can also take part in soap, bath bomb, and atsiri oil making workshops at the Citronella Science Lab. They also have workshops on kokedama, the Japanese art of creating ornamental plants. They’re different from bonsai, which take a long time to make.

The atsiri garden is also interesting, especially the Marigold Plaza, which is filled with atsiri plants.

The largest part of R.A.I is Museum Atsiri. Museum that has vision and mission to educate, inspire and introduce to the whole world how Indonesia has the incredible of natural wealth especially essential oils. Making your way up the museum (did I mention the museum is housed in a well-maintained old building?), you begin to learn how perfume works on a molecular level. You can test the sensitivity of your nose to certain smells and watch a clip explaining how the odors are extracted from flowers and other raw materials.

The visit concludes with a sensory experience: visitors can smell and test the essential oils and discover organic home and body care and niche perfumes. The museum advisors will inform you about current manufacturing methods.

A high-tech digital display of the human sense of smell shows how our brains are affected by these delicious substances.

In the next room over, you’ll find yourself in a literal Bulbs of Scents, take you through a variety of smells. Don’t be afraid to really put your nose into these bulbs! 

As your visit comes to a close and you head back down towards the exit, don’t forget to walk through the gift shop. Iting and I don’t buy many souvenirs, partially to save money hehehe…The staff is very friendly and have no qualms about answering any questions or guiding you through the collection of beautifully bottled essential oils. Oh..one more thing, If you wish to visit the glasshouse, please book in advance for joining the garden tour (Well sadly…we couldn’t make it).

Whether you are interested in the history of perfume making, the state of the current essential oils industry, seeing the flower fields, or just buying some good smelling goodies, Rumah Atsiri Indonesia has you covered.

Overall, while Rumah Atsiri Indonesia is not full of blockbuster sights, I think it is a must-see stop for those interested in perfume and essential oils, and a good place for a welcome break for others who find themselves in the area.

What do you think? Have you been to Rumah Atsiri Indonesia or attended a essential oil creation workshop? Feel free to ask us any questions below!

Some Basic Information about Rumah Atsiri

Getting there?

Address:  Watusambang, Watusambang, Plumbon, Tawangmangu, Kabupaten Karanganyar, Jawa Tengah 57792
Phone: +62 812 111 222 63
Website: www.rumahatsiri.com (has some good info on attractions etc)

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