Everyone is fighting a battle that you don’t know about

The quote/phrase “Everyone is fighting a battle that you do not know about” is probably one of the most popular ones that I have come across recently, and is a quote that is relevant to all of us. Recently I have been thinking a lot about this quote and I want to use this blog post to discuss my thoughts. I will talk about why I think it is vital to understand the fact that everyone is fighting a battle that we don’t know about, as well as mention other things that I believe is important to know.

I think I’m learning to be more patient and kinder to ourselves as well as others. It’s a big world and there are many walks of life and everyone’s life and path is uniquely designed for them. Battles are unique for everybody. Social media is just a highlight reel of ones best moments – but it gives us the facade that no one else ever has problems going on in their lives, and thats just simply not true.

I want to start off by really breaking down the quote, to understand what it really means. The words “fighting a battle” refer to the fact that challenges are being faced, some are every day, whereas others are every now and then. These challenges can vary massively, some can be as big as meeting a tight deadline for a project that determines whether you get a promotion at work, whereas others can be things such as coping with a packed train in rush hours. The words “that you do not know about” are important, as it indicates that a lot of these battles are not visible to others, even if you see them every day.

However, the most important word in my opinion in the quote is “Everyone”. The word implies that no matter who you are, even if you are the CEO of a big company or a millionaire, you are still not immune to fighting everyday battles and having bad days. This also highlights the fact that mental health is something that affects everyone, which is absolutely crucial to remember going forward.

One reason why it’s important to realise that everyone is fighting a battle that we don’t know about is because it helps us become less judgemental and more understanding and empathetic of other people’s problems. This is because we then appreciate that what you may see on the outside may not be representative of what someone is going through on the inside. Sometimes we are too quick to assume that someone has it all figured out just because they seem fine when we see them or even if we see their pictures on social media. The problem with this though is that this can lead to their problems or challenges being taken less seriously, as we have already made the assumption that their life is great.

An example to illustrate this is someone that has posted pictures of their new house they got as a reward for their promotion at work. You think their life is going amazingly but the reality is that they may be going through family problems that is giving them stress on a daily basis. However, they could open up to someone about it only to hear things like “You just got a new house and got promoted at work, you have nothing to worry about”, which just shows that we can judge people too much on what we see on the outside.

There are some points that I want to raise that isn’t talked about as much, but is really important to know in my opinion. The first one is that you don’t really need to know the details of battles that someone else is going through. There are many reasons why people don’t talk much about the challenges they are fighting, and one reason is because some of them are personal and sensitive to that person. As I said in the second paragraph, realising that everyone is fighting a battle that we don’t know about helps us become more understanding and empathetic to other peoples worries.

However, all we need to know is that there is some sort of a battle that all of us face, and we don’t need to know specific details. And indeed, we shouldn’t ask someone for these specific details if they don’t feel comfortable in sharing.

Another thing that I believe is important to remember is that one of the worst things that you can do is compare your battles with others, and then come to the conclusion that the battle you are fighting is easier or harder than someone else.

Firstly, what you may not consider a battle may be a massive battle for someone else, and vice versa. For example, getting out of bed every morning may be something that you can do easily without any problems, but it could be a big challenge for someone else. On the other hand, you may consider your job as one of the biggest battles you face on the weekdays, but for someone else it may not be even considered as a battle that they have to fight. Furthermore, every battle and challenge is valid, and we shouldn’t invalidate or dismiss the challenges someone else is facing just because they “seem” to have things better than us. This for me has been one of the biggest issues in today’s society during this pandemic. A lot of people have lost jobs, businesses or even loved ones, and I do appreciate that it can be a massive challenge for these people. But that doesn’t mean that you should invalidate the other types of challenges that people are facing, and we certainly shouldn’t force them to be grateful just because it appears that “other people have it worse”. The same applies to not dismissing our own challenges that we are facing just because it doesn’t appear as big as a deal compared to other peoples challenges.

Do you have anything you would like to add to this? I am happy to discuss further!

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