A Soulful Conversation with Myself

Finally, you have stolen some time out of your hectic schedule and decided to talk to yourself. It’s been a very long time that you met yourself, but good that you could squeeze out some time today and hope the whole conversation is going to be very interesting.

It’s been even more hectic all through this year with the pandemic in existence and you tried managing both personal and profesional commitments to the best of your capability, but is is still fine if your husband is wahing the dishes or your daughter is dusting the home. It’s their home too.

You always tried to be the first one to wake up early in the morning and start the engine, but it’s fine if it is your mother waking up early occasionally and handing over breakfast to you. You too deserve some pampering at times.

You converted yourself into a serving machine and always ensured your family gets what they need on time. Your necessities also need to be taken care of. You always tried to look your best, ignoring your health and age, but it’s ok if your grey hair is visible here and there and slight wrinkles appear on your forehead. They are not meant to let you down, nevertheless, represent your experience and maturity that comes with time and grace.

Indeed, you are very committed towards your profession and stretch beyond a point to complete your deliverables, yet it’s not an offence if you delegate some part of it to your colleagues. After all, you too have a personal life which is equally important.

Certainly, you are an absolute workaholic who never prefers to take an off, however, it’s not a breakout but a well-deserved break from routine, if you take a break of a week. Above all you are not a Robot, but a human being whose achievements are not mere obligations but deserve profound gratitude and sincere appreciation.

A big pat by me to the woman in me.

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