Being Happy With My Own Company

There comes a moment in your life when you realise that you need to start putting yourself first. Mine was very recently. I’ve spent a lot of time focused on making other people happy, and moving my life around to suit their needs. But it’s about time I start focusing on myself and putting my own needs first for once.

I’m a self proclaimed introvert – that can act like an extrovert when the situation requires it. So I’m naturally pretty happy with my own company. If anything when I’ve not go my own space or I’ve not been given time to myself for awhile I can get really frustrated.

So now, when the whole nation (and world to an extent) are stuck inside either on their own or with family, I’m grateful for how young I was when I learnt to be content with my own company. But it’s also making me realise how much I crave that alone time when nobody is able to leave the house.

In a bid to stay productive and do my bit in helping others during this pandemic situation I wanted to share my tips on how I became happy with my own company.


No doubt there are arguments happening all over the country right now about what movie people are going to watch next. These heated discussions happen all the time – not just in pandemic situation. So make the most of being able to pick what you want to eat, watch, drink and what times you do it. The choice really is all yours.


There are so many things out there that you can enjoy all by yourself. I would get through a book a day when I lived at home. The choices go on and on. Indulge in an activity that was made for these alone moments. “Me time” doesn’t have to be a whole day at the spa. In fact, just few minutes squeezed into the middle of the day works if that’s all you have.

I don’t have to justify to anyone how I spend my money. I rarely go out and spend money so why not treat my self. We’re made to feel bad for being selfish and spending money on ourselves but why should we feel like that? If you’re responsible with your money and you’re not getting into debt then who cares?


When you’re own your own the room can become so quiet you can hear yourself think. In my case it was a bit too quiet so I would usually play music in the background to have the TV on when I was doing things to break that silence up.


I find that I can’t get stuck into something unless I’m alone. Which is why I’m finding it hard to write blog posts and get stuck into my creative projects whilst everyone is stuck inside. But if you do have some alone time try and start something new.

Opt for a project that won’t be over in an hour. Try painting, writing a journal, up-cycling a piece of furniture or cooking. Projects that have a reward at the end like a finished masterpiece or cake you can eat later on can give you a sense of achievement and actually make you feel like you haven’t wasted the day.

Whether you’re trying something new, doing exercise, getting creative or just sat in your pyjamas watching a movie; now is a great time to focus on yourself and what you want do to. Take this time to experiment with new actives and hobbies. To try new boxsets and recipes. Or simply just to sleep in longer than usual.

I feel like I’m still navigating my way around this adulthood thing and being in control of who I am and what I do. But I don’t need to punish myself or even forget about myself and what I need.

Society can make us feel bad for thinking about ourselves and putting ourselves first. But that needs to change. At the end of the day the first person we should always look after is ourselves.

We’ll get through this together, both physically and metaphorically.

Stay safe.

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