Words are Powerful

I think one of the biggest forms of flattery is when someone wants to hear your insight about something because they value what your opinions are. A friend messaged me the other day and asked what my thoughts are regarding the digital marketing strategy for her brand – because she “wants to hear what I say.” FYI my side job is in the digital marketing industry. Same goes when another close friend replied to my IG Story that “she missed reading my opinion and insights on things” when I shared something personal.

The reason why I appreciate it so much is maybe because out of the five love languages, mine is Words of Affirmation. I feel loved through words. I get so touched and flattered whenever someone gives a compliment on my works, and I’m not kidding when I say it makes my day because it actually does. When someone asks for my opinion on things, I feel valued and I feel like what I say actually makes sense.

Take this as an example. People still remember what they learned from you even after so many years. I aspire to inspire people this way, just like how my high school English teacher has changed my life forever.

It may sound cheesy but my inspiration comes from people who believe in me. I would always think that there are people who value my words, people who support what I do, I always take appreciations and criticisms to heart that it makes me want to be better. It’s also one of the reasons why I won’t stop fighting for what I believe in.

This is where the saying “words are powerful” comes into place.
I hope we all use our influence properly. It saddens me when a person has such a big influence but she’s either silent or on the opposition’s side. Imagine the number of people you can educate. Imagine the number of people who will listen to you because they believe in you. Our words are powerful enough to inspire people to believe and do the right thing. Take advantage of that platform, make your words authentic, and let it speak volumes.

And to you, who’s still here, reading until this part of my blog, thank you. For believing in what I do, and for making me believe in myself over and over. Stay safe and don’t forget to wash your hands!

Love, Heni

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