Diary of a Working Mother

Juggling between work and home becomes a herculean task for us, the Working Mom. Sometimes, I do feel that I am neglecting my daughter or that I am not addressing her concerns. Thoughts like these comes in my mind and leaves me baffles and confused. But I know that we the mothers have been designed by God to be super sensitive and that is why thoughts like these haunt our mind and that is perfectly OK.

I am working for the well being of our family and that family includes me also. My works give me an identity and a sense of independence which makes me happy. So if I am happy then I can create a healthier environment for my daughter. I know that my daughter miss me but I am sure she is learning the art of self-dependence in my absence and becoming responsible day by day.

I am trying to strike a balance between my work life and my personal life. I try to spend quality time with my daughter. I try to get involved on her daily progress. I am not shy to take the help  of my mom to save the time for my daughter.

Sometimes, I do get jealous of at home moms, but I know they are also heavily loaded with daily chores. But, I can’t say that I am unhappy to be a working mother because this is my life and this is the way I have chosen my life to be.

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