Couples That Work

My husband and I are quite lucky that we both work. For the most part, I can relate to what he’s going through and he feels the same way with my work as well. We talk about how we manage relationships at work, how we deal with clients, complain about difficult projects and celebrate when one of us scores a win.

I just thought about how we are to be in this position where we can relate to each other’s work and be able to actively engage in a discussion that’s more than surface-level chit chat about how was your day. It made me think about other couples and what work-related conversations they are having.

The more I thought about it, the more I came to realise how important it is to acknowledge, support and balance both parties’ power in a dual-career relationship such as ours. Relationships feel powerful when our partners see and support all of our work and life ambitions, not only those we share. It’s important we take time to be curious about your partner’s work and ambitions. Continue reading