Process or Product?

Process versus product. The dilemma of many people in the workplace. The dilemma of having to decide which one is more important and implement it.

I personally want to believe with all my heart that it is the process that really matters and hope that the product follows from the process. But real world does not agree with me.

When we get into a new project, job or habit, we need time to get used to it, right? Then, it will hopefully click with us, eventually resulting in good products. Well, if only it was that smooth.

First, real world may not be willing to give the necessary time to us. We might be expected to speed up the process or even skip one or two steps so we can get the product as quickly as possible.

Second, this process is not linear. There are failures that cause us to go back and then start moving ahead again. Guess what this does to us. It makes us lose time. What does the real world want? Product. When does it want it? As quickly as possible. Losing time is unacceptable. So, there you go. The conflict. The conflict as it is caused by a natural part of the process (failures).

This dilemma exists in all jobs and for all people.

All that requires time. But eventually, the judgment is made based on the product. We are not judged on what we have learnt from our failures, but rather on how many successes we have had. That is my dilemma.

This dilemma is still unresolved from my end. I don’t know if it ever will be. The best thing to do is to learn how to live with it. But even that requires process.

Do you experience this dilemma? If so, do have a solution for it that works for you?

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