We Create Our Stories

Struggling. It seems like every quote I come across lately has spoken to my soul and this one in particular is yelling, I have been struggling something fierce the last few months. In fact besides seeming to be at a cross roads, I was even questioning my writing.

You know I have hit rock bottom if I am questioning my writing!

Okay I am exaggerating slightly. Writing is fuel. It is MY fuel

It feeds my soul and declutters the mind. It doesn’t matter whether it is a blog post or a freelance piece. The minute I start to hear the click-clatter of my fingers on the key-board I feel my breath calm, and my heart rate sync. Sometimes I feel like I am in a trance. Hours will pass, but it doesn’t matter because I am at peace.

Yet, much like life lately, I have felt disconnected from my writing.

There is an anxiousness. An almost robotic feel of going through the motions. I know that like with most things, it will pass, but when you are in the moment it is overwhelming. When writing stops being therapy, I feel even more adrift in the ocean that I usually love so much.

We all have a footprint to fill, we all have our stories to write. While it may not seem it we affect the people around us, usually in a pretty awesome amazing way.

I admit there are days where making my bed is a huge accomplishment, but that is the importance of baby-steps. The moments that I take literally one step at a time to help come through it. Like the turtles, slow and steady DOES win the race, the tortoise is proof of that.

Or at least fake it until I do. If it entails a boat load of ice cream and cookies, then I do it.

My story is messy, and painful, and a struggle at times. But it is also joyful and exciting and success despite the struggles. In other words it is mine in all of its’ incredible and raw authenticity. Sometimes you have to be real. Because as much as it is difficult to be open, that realness also let’s others know it is okay. It will be okay. We create our narrative, and we can choose whether to stay stuck or take those baby steps.

What do you do to get out of a funk? How do you create your story?


  1. Embrace your story and love it, darling.

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