Can we get bored of certain people?

I’ve been asking myself whether it’s possible to simply get bored of certain people. I can say one thing: I no longer stick to the same group of people I used to. I think the reason that people we spend time with often change is the fact that we’re becoming adults, we’re changing and evolving and sometimes we no longer suit together. So … It’s understandable that you could possibly get bored  of certain people, because of many reasons:

  1. You start valuing different things (from money to friends and boyfriends/girlfriends).
  2. You have different hobbies and spend your free time very differently.
    And so on, probably.

My main question now is, does that change with age?

Because, I don’t think people ever stop evolving, changing. It’s easy to be “friends” with people on college/ a job, with people you met on concerts … Because you know you have something in common and you have topics to talk about. Then again, those people don’t necessarily have to be your friends, because it takes so much more to call someone a friend. However, you can have a fallout with a good friend just as easily as you can realize that an acquantaince can become a friend.

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Let’s go back to the main question of this post. I personally get bored of things – hobbies, music, environments. I wouldn’t say I get “bored” of people, I’d just say that I sometimes no longer have the energy to keep somebody in my life. Sometimes, friends start spending their free time differently than you would like to. Sometimes friends stop asking you questions about your private life, you do the same to them and the relationship no longer feels that … Significant. Whenever you meet somebody new, it feels fresh. You get to know every single thing about them and the “exploring” can take up to years, whereas you already know a lot (if not everything) about your “old” friends.

I definitely have to point out the fact that I normally feel more relaxed next to people that I know longer, but new people indeed bring somekind of a new energy. And you know … Relationships start with a lot of pretending, love and compromises …. When you know a person for a longer time, you start forgetting the little things that made your friendship exciting.

I think that some people get bored of me. Maybe the anxiety in me forces me to think this way, I don’t know. But it definitely feels like some of my friends don’t have a problem “exchanging” me for something new and fresh. Bottom line, new people can affect you “better” than your old friends, but only for the time being, because sooner or later there’s nothing left to “explore”.

We shouldn’t force a relationship – if it doesn’t make us happy, that’s it. But we can’t just get “bored”. You either realize somebody is worth of your time or they aren’t, that’s that.

Sorry for all of these very messy thoughts, I just felt like spilling some feelings on a piece of paper, so this whole post might feel a bit strange. I feel like I could say so much more, but let’s leave it where we left it.

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