Hey, How Are You?

“Hey, how are you?” 

“I’m fine.”

How many times have you said this line? “I’m Fine.” I know I have said it multiple times. I always tell other people I’m fine whenever they ask me how I am. But it’s a lie. I read an article about the things we lie about everyday and “I’m fine” is one of them. 

Although I laughed out loud, I realised that I lie. I lie about my feelings to other people. Other people lie about their feelings to me. We all lie. We create this public persona that has to be a perfect. Why should other people know that I’m having a rough day? I want to be fun and cool, not the person who complains about their problems. This is what we all think. 

The hidden persona is our true self. The one we don’t want people to know about. This persona has it’s bad days and is emotional. But it doesn’t show up very often. It’s our public persona that gets all the fame. 

What I’m trying to say is, what’s so wrong with telling people, “I’m having a rough day or I’m not feeling too good.” You don’t have to run around and tell everyone this. But there are some genuinely caring people out there who want to know how you feel. Let them know how you feel and maybe what they say will encourage you and uplift your spirits. 

It’s okay to be vulnerable, to expose your emotions. It does not mean your uncool or weak. It just means that you are strong enough to talk about how you feel when others can’t. 

So today, stop lying and be honest. When other people say they are “fine” ask them again. Dig deeper and let people know that you care. I’m going to try my best and I hope you do too. 

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