Sense of being FREE

 What does “Being and feeling FREE mean ? “…I’ve been have having this question, unanswered for a very long time. In day to day life, we see and meet new people who perfectly finish their given task, as well as have time for fun, even in between those pressure filled situations.

Does that mean people who handle stressful situation well are all ‘feeling free’ all the time ?

In the game of running behind success and getting hold of recognition, people seem to be happy and enjoy their every moment in life. Then, does that mean they are all feeling “free” by doing whatever they wish and whatever pleases them ?Well…it always stays as a hypothetical question for which each people have different answers. In my opinion, I have a different perspective of what ‘BEING AND FEELING FREE’ mean to me. Being free doesn’t always have to be loosening up of reins in one’s life (or) fulfilling responsibilities thereby striking off a commitment from the list.

Doing our job without any flaws and finishing them perfectly always makes us feel “free” at that moment….till the next task is assigned to us. Doing ‘what pleases us and what provides us eternal happiness’ can surely make us “boss of our own”. But some accomplishments makes us feel good only when they are showcased to others (ie) to prove ourselves to others, and when this happens, the accomplishment loses its significance and once again becomes a “latent task”. When we decide to loosen our reins and be “free”, people will start taking control of our life and they’ll start taking decisions for us. When we do something just to strike off the list, then that too becomes a burden (on seeing the rest of the list) upon us rather than freeing us.

Now you may all be wondering “THEN WHAT REALLY IS, TO FEEL FREE ?”.

Well…that is all my confusion is about. But even though I have these sort of questions and have hundreds of different replies, I always believe that…..”People can really feel FREE when they have a “clear conscience (or) peace of mind”.

Having a positive mental health always aids in making oneself to feel calm and composed, thereby to really enjoy the “free”feeling. Positive mental health refers to the balance that one has between themselves and the surrounding environment. When this balance gets disrupted, that’s when people feel suffocated and confusions begin to cloud their judgements. When we have our minds sane and sound, we can always feel and be FREE, even when facing the unendurable and demanding situations of all.

A calm mind can always ensure promising outcome, which cannot even be thought of during a ‘fight (or) flight situation’. Such a decision can inevitably in return bring a peace of mind to that person. The serenity of one’s mind has the power to alter the entire existing scenario and lighten up the atmosphere”.

And as always, all these views are from my perspectives and if I have hurt any one of you, I’m truly sorry. Hope you all enlighten me with your definition of ‘what being free’ means !!

To conclude with a beautiful quote…”A BLISSFUL MIND ALWAYS OPEN DOORS TO A HAPPY AND FREE LIFE !!”.

Best wishes in finding your own sense of being FREE !

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