Motherhood: My Journey Into A Positive Life

It is not the easiest journey, but a determined one for myself and my family. After giving birth to a child, something clicked inside myself to overcome certain tendencies and create a better mindset for myself and for them.

Source: Pinterest

I love the idea of a weekly transformation or challenge to achieve a more positive life and positive mindset. I’ve noticed in my own life that small things can often make a huge difference. I often find myself dwelling on the negative, so taking in the good moments would definitely be a good thing for me.

Positivity stems from our thoughts and way of thinking, as well as learning to be mindful and self loving. Seeing my self in a better light then I have in the past is one of the biggest differences I have made and has truly changed my own behavior and outlook.

Focusing on your good qualities and strengths despite any mistakes or past is truly a super power to motivating you in carrying out the effort in building a more positive outlook and coping skills.

I still have days I am down, days I am angry and frustrated with others, days I feel insecure and hurt. Sometimes it stems from past experiences with others that have caused distrust and sometimes it is simply the ups and downs of motherhood and life. Despite those days, I have managed to keep reminding myself of the good and in refocusing my thinking.

The deep rooted motivator to all of this is simply watching the affects of negative thinking within others, the affects of negative thinking even within myself and how much I do not want that for my own daughter. Recognizing through simple observation how other people’s behavior and way of thinking can truly affect our thinking and instill negative habits or behavior.

I want to prove to be better than that for my child. Prove that we ourselves have the power to change a circumstance instead of wallow and blaming others. That wonderful power of Perspective!

So, I choose to be that positive mother who encourages seeing the good in others and not always focusing on mistakes or flaws. The one who helps her daughter find strength in herself, not letting her second guess everything because of some unnatural fear that something is always wrong.

I will be the mother who will recognize that some situations and days may be sad, hard, difficult and aggravating, but will always help redirect her perspective from focusing too much on those feelings. I will nonstop include spiritual aspects in her life and teach self awareness; that not everything is because of others, but that we ourselves can play into a situation and need to show true integrity in owning up to our own mistakes and imperfections. That it’s okay if we do make mistakes as long as we learn from them.

She will be taught to not involve herself in negative and unwholesome drama focused on gossip. I will be there to help her accept that she doesn’t have to be perfect, she can and will make mistakes, but that never means she is less of a person because of it. In doing so, I hope to help her accept the imperfections of others instead of needing to always judge what someone says or does.

I will give a healthy sense of adventure and allow her to grow into the person she wants to be, without creating unnecessary fears that could stop her from what she can do or experience.

I choose to be a more positive and grateful person for my daughter!

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