Those 4 Years

It’s been 4 years since I started working. I can still recall what exactly I was sitting in the office at this time- struggling with bulky files given and trying to figure out what data I’m supposed to pick up.

I reached office and was welcomed by Boss and other colleagues. I was given bulky files to go through and work on them and that’s how my day started. I’ll never ever forget those days! They taught me a lot… hardships, struggle, friendship, standing for your friends, value of money, savings, home-made food, happiness even in limited resources.

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I faced difficult times too. Things improved later on and I started getting my salary. Those were times when I was really happy even after facing such difficult times and without many amenities. I never cribbed that I don’t have that fancy job and salary package, but I was happy and that I feel was enough to get me going. I still strongly feel that that was the best phase of life in terms of everything.

Today I earn well. Life has moved on and so have I. When I look back, I see a lot has happened since then. I’ve changed, my surroundings, friends, family and my life have changed drastically. Few people who were strength and life support are not in my life anymore and I’m still surviving without them.

That means that life never stops for anyone. We feel that we can’t live without anyone-our parents, siblings, boy/girlfriend, husband, wife, kids, friends etc. but life teaches you everything. It’s up to us whether we choose to move on or cling to their memories and get stuck in the past.

When I lost one of my very-very close friends, life seemed to stand still. But I had to move on; I had no option left with me. It was hard, very difficult but somehow everything fell into place; from professional to personal life. I don’t say that everything is perfect, but what I see now is better than before. I had my own level of hardships, lessons, struggle and that made me what I am today.

Though not very proud, but not disappointed as well. A quick rewind of the past four years (working related)

– Struggled, learnt and managed my life at personal and professional level

– Had the best relationship phase with my boyfriend

– Spoke to parents about our relationship, parents spoke to each other

– Travelled to new cities for work related things

– Learnt new dimensions, domain of my work

– Met a lot of new people

– Got married

Phewwwwwwwwww…… So this has been my life in the past four years in a nutshell !!

Still need to go a long way, but these 4 years have been amazing and I’m glad that I was able enough to pick up my shattered pieces and move on.

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