Testing, testing… 1,2,3. Hello February?

This is more a reminder for me than an update for anybody else. Life is pretty hectic at the moment and I need to remind myself that I also have this blog.

Let’s be honest some days you just aren’t feeling it we just don’t have it in us to kill it and really who says we have to? We were not created to be constantly seeking, doing, searching or forcing. There is no shame in wanting and needing a break. sometimes your soul absolutely deserves it.

There will always be a time when you feel like shit, when your energy will be depleted; when you will revel in feeling sorry for yourself ;  when you literally may want to set your entire life on fire and watch it burn. Do you think having these moments or thoughts makes you a bad person? They sure as hell do not.

There really is nothing sexy or appealing about perfection. Own your energy, revel in your mess. Do the very best with whatever you are given. The world does not need you picture perfect and and prim and proper. The world needs your rawness, the uncut and unedited version.

Oh hello February! New beginnings! Nothing cripples you more than stagnation. Back to this new months thing, the first thing we think about with the new month is making resolutions.

Resolutions, I do not make them because I do not keep them. My attention span was not built for it. I do not see the need to put such pressure on myself. I think instead of resolutions we should all write a bucket list.

Start with the simplest and end it with the most grandiose. I have decided to be a one day at a time sort of girl. Anything else puts to much pressure on myself and leaves me anxious and totally unbalanced. Let’s not be basic here go deep, get detailed, let your imagination run wild. Think about the things that stir your soul and pursue them with all you have got.

One of my major issues has always been more thinking than doing. You can analyze a situation to death but if you never take the first step, what are we really doing?

How about thinking about what worked last month and build from that. Work on being more consistent with your actions. Accept that despite your best efforts life does always have a way of screaming plot twist. Fall down, get back up gracefully and keep pushing forward even if you have to crawl.

Life is all about movement and evolution. Be patient with yourself. Fab does not become fabulous overnight.

Uuummmm, about my blog…For some reason I felt a bit lost and didn’t know where I wanted to go with my blog. Is it a Lifestyle-Blog? Rant-Blog, Mental-heath-Blog? I don’t really have a description for it and that frustrated me.

I want to write and but I don’t want to care too much about the whole likes, views and followers. To be fair I have a lot of topics I need and want to talk about, but I am hesitating. Will they fit? Am I even doing all this stuff right? So many question. No real answers. Why am I always lost when things should go well?

Regardless of all these questions I shall continue and won’t keep people waiting. I also need to follow more blogs. So much to do…

I’ll catch you later!

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