Hey There!

Hey there, lonely soul. Hello. Welcome to my mind. Well, maybe you’re not so lonely. Maybe you’re curious. Or you want to read something. Or you’re just bored. Maybe you’re here for the first time. Maybe you’re trying to judge me. Maybe you want to know me. Maybe you’re just trying to get through unread posts on your reader.

Well, so here we are. In my mind. I’ll give you a tour, eh? I won’t take you everywhere. Just where it’s safe. And I don’t have to worry about you prying around, either. So go ahead. Picture my mind any way you want. Let’s go down this lane.

It’s a battle keeping up with these word prompts. A battle with time. And my mind.

I have so much to do. And I want to read more, too. And I have to think about what I’m going to do with my life. Also, I’ve set unrealistic goals for the weekend (again) which shall go unfulfilled (again) and that shall leave me annoyed. It’s not my fault. The mind has been whispering. Doubts, fears.

The mind is uneasy. Everyday is another battle. To keep that balance between thinking and not think.

I want to exercise. Mind, soul and body. I want to get up earlier and be productive.

I want a change of routine. I want this endless road to bend. I want something that would excite me, something that would inspire. My words have been kind to me. Never do they leave the mind. I have been neglecting them, I know. They have been starting to get quite difficult of late. They, too, want a change of expression. Rebellious, ungrateful. They never even realize how much I do for them. However, ‘I’  in turn must not be ungrateful. They are a blessing, they could be taken away any time. I must cherish them.

It is another battle to see the same people every day, to disagree on the same things, to put up with the same ignorance and backwardness and still be nice. Apart from family, and that too only the most direct relations, how much sooner one tires of human company than of anything else. Cats, independent, detached creatures, infinitely cleverer than us (Though only metaphorically).

It is also a battle to be good. Evil tempts you. No matter how much one tries to purify one’s heart, it will always remain contaminated. No matter how much you try, you have been too infected. It is a battle to be kind. Especially those who don’t deserve it. But God knows you’re a monster inside, and if you start classifying and judging people, He could call you out on it.

It’s a battle to be.

How sweet would it be to not be?

What it means to be strong defined?

Our society has specific ideas about what it means to be strong, and it varies depending on gender and age. But, I would like to suggest that to be strong is something very individual, and we need to be careful how we judge another person’s strengths.

We are all on a different journey, and therefore have different burdens to bear and different traumas to overcome.

There are people who live in poverty and struggle to make ends meet.

Others are caregivers for their parents as well as their children.

Single parents struggle to support their children financially and still be there for them emotionally.

Other parents are barely hanging on to their marriages.

Some people are fighting mental illness (and the stigma it brings).

The list of struggles is endless.

Just as the list of what defines strength is.

It’s impossible to fully define strength for every person and in every situation, but here’s a list of 25 to get us started thinking about strength differently. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO BE STRONG?


  1. Strong is putting your wants on hold so you can be there for your loved ones.
  2. Strong is trusting another person enough to share your life with them.
  3. Strong is getting out of bed when you’re overcome with pain.
  4. Strong is going to work every day despite your crippling fatigue.
  5. Strong is foregoing financial independence to create a ‘home’ for your family.
  6. Strong is quietly sacrificing your own comfort so that those around you can flourish.
  7. Strong is pulling your child close to you despite the excruciating pain it causes.
  8. Strong is putting one foot in front of the other when your lungs feel like they’re going to burst.
  9. Strong is recognizing that your body needs rest.
  10. Strong is foregoing sleep to comfort another.
  11. Strong is asking for help.
  12. Strong is standing up for someone who can’t stand up for themselves.
  13. Strong is letting your child make mistakes.
  14. Strong is loving with all your heart despite having had it broken before.
  15. Strong is forgiving.
  16. Strong is quietly taking up the load that another has dropped.
  17. Strong is giving the load back when the person is once again able to carry it.
  18. Strong is being yourself no matter what society says you should be.
  19. Strong is striving to do the best that you can do; however limited your ability is at any given moment.
  20. Strong is participating when your mind is screaming about danger.
  21. Strong is keeping your baby.
  22. Strong is giving your baby up.
  23. Strong is being true to your nature in the face of a society that doesn’t accept you.
  24. Strong is expressing your emotions.
  25. Strong is facing life.

TO BE STRONG IS SO MANY THINGS.  To be strong means so many different things.

What it doesn’t mean is doing everything yourself. It takes more courage to recognize that you need help and ask for it, than it does to continue to struggle under the burden alone.

A person who is financially dependent on their partner is not lesser or weak; it takes courage to have enough trust to enter into a partnership where success depends on another.

A woman doesn’t have to shoulder all the responsibilities that life throws at her without complaint to be strong.

A man doesn’t have to be an all-powerful provider to be strong.

True strength lies in a person’s ability to be compassionate and show empathy for those who struggle.

Strength isn’t loud – unless of course, it is when the timid amongs us find their voice in the defense of another.

So…find your own strength!

It doesn’t matter that I haven’t always managed to steer my life’s ship straight towards my destination. It doesn’t matter that I often feel that I’m in crisis. It doesn’t matter that most days I need help.

What matters is that I keep moving forward one step at a time, no matter how small the steps are. What matters is that I still have the capacity to open myself up to the vulnerability of love.

How would you define what it means to be strong? Have you ever had your belief in your own strength shaken? I would love to hear your stories and your words of encouragement in the comments below.

Please take a moment and share with someone in your life who could use a little reminder of their own strength.

You’re strong and you’ve got this!

Take care,






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