Life is crazy, y’all.

Almost every time that I talk to someone, the conversation goes something like this-

“Hey! How are you?”


The fact that I haven’t posted here in 22 days is enough to tell you that life is starting to swallow me a bit.

I feel like I haven’t been super active here in the blogging world lately, and although you may know a bit about what I’ve been up to lately if you follow me on Twitter or Instagram (there’s some shameless self-promo for ya), I thought that I’d do a little wrap-up here on the blog of what life’s been looking like lately. ♥


Reading– nothing.

Watching– the time literally slip past me. I’m constantly thinking of new things that need to get done.

Trying– to remember all of the choreography that I’ve shoved into my brain. It’s so much fun, but a bit stressful. I’m such a perfectionist that I think my biggest concern is just not doing a good enough.

Cooking– ….nothing. I literally haven’t cooked in so long, it’s kind of pathetic. Maybe I’ll try to make something on Sunday when I have some free time.

Eating– too many chicken and probably not enough fruit.

Drinking– water and milk and water, maybe with a cup of juice on the side. I’m really trying to stay healthy and thus chugging water 24/7.

Calling– …no one. The only person that I can remember calling in recent days is my husband. I should get better about calling people more frequently.

Texting– the handful of friends that I talk to every day.

Pinning– not much, honestly. I haven’t spent much time on Pinterest in a while.

Skating– It’s blowing my mind. Fridays and Saturdays are my only truly skate-free days.

Hating– not getting enough sleep.

Discovering– how much easier life is with a clean room.

Enjoying– Me time.

Thinking– about my skating competition next week.

Feeling– overwhelmed and tired but excited for so many things.

Listening– to my classic slalom’s song on repeat.

Starting– to think about what I should eat for breakfast.

Finishing– this post!


What have you lovely people been up to lately? ♥

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