On The Way

It’s so good to be back!


I am sorry guys for being inactive these days. Sometimes I feel like my life is a crazy whirlwind and I’m flying through the centre of it.


I’m a perfectionist, though not a very perfect one. I have standards and high expectations for myself in most areas of my life, and while they instigate action and are a source of motivation, they somehow tell me that I’ll never be happy until I’ve reached those goals. I must be in a state of constant unrest until I have completed the ten thousand hours, achieved a certain grade, or am earning a certain amount. My soul can never relax or be at peace because my surroundings are not the impeccable picture of my highest desires.


“Practically perfect in every way” is not how my life looks. There are wonderful parts, and I’m blessed to be able to invest in my passions, but I’m still clarifying who I am and what my values are, and where I want to be in ten years. 


On the way. Yes, I am still on my way. ‘On the way’ does not mean weak, it does not mean substandard, it does not mean unworthy. It indicates growth and moving forward, which are two signs of a life being lived well. It is possible to enjoy the low moments, or moments that aren’t negative, but just far from the finish line. Day one can be appreciated and enjoyed to the same extent that day 365 can. 

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