Makabana Creative Space & Coffee: Work-Chill Out-Collaborate-Connect-Have A Coffee!

In modern times the café for some people is also a place of work, either in solitude, or in a practice that is becoming more common in cities— co-working — where people, often independent, get together to work in the same space as others. There are various forms of co-working and co-working spaces, from dedicated spaces that can be rented by people wishing to co-work aligned to a particular industry, to more informal arrangements such as meet-ups for freelancers organized in cafés via social media.

For those that don’t know what co-working the simplest explanation might be…
“the use of an office or other working environment by people who are self-employed or working for different employers, typically so as to share equipment, ideas, and knowledge.”

For me a co-working space is an alternative from working at home, or a cafe or an office environment that you have access to, but don’t particularly like. You can use these spaces as you wish, so by the day, the week, the month or more traditional longer terms. These spaces tend to be filled with vibrant communities of awesome people (just like you) that are looking for a group of good people to surround themselves with.

One more time, it should be an environment where my things are very safe. If I walk out of the room for a minute I don’t want to be worried that my laptop is gone when I come back. Haha

It’s apparent that everyone is kinda digging co-working spaces.  Actually, co-working spaces are not anything new. Below, I’ll give you a quick review of new co-working space in Semarang; Makabana Creative Space & Coffee.

Makabana is an eccentric space that combines an ‘Artisan Coffee Shop’ with a ‘Co-Working Space’ and much more. MAKABANA = “Ma Cabana”= “My Shelter”= “Your Shelter…Your Space”. MAKABANA is YOUR SPACE, where you can hook up with a divers community of like-minded individuals. Makabana combines under a same roof, an artisan coffee & gourmet shop and a various spaces for working, meeting, living & socializing, providing you with the perfect place to pursue a better quality of life in dynamic & diverse environment.

Whether you are an entrepreneur, designer, freelancer, solo traveler, mother, dreamer, corporate, coffee lover or just wondering around and looking for the best spot in town for a good artisan brunch, Makabana is the right place for you.

From quiet, comfortable, co-working; to dynamic collaborative dining; to a breezy veranda overlooking the garden, for chilling, chatting, or reading a book. Makabana’s hip and airy space has modern facilities, a luscious garden, and a mix of large breezy spaces, including nooks for both collaborative and individual work.

If you’re feeling hungry onsite, you can order from a range of scrumptious menu options form partnered restaurant. Or, if you are simply feeling a bit peckish and need a break from your work, you can adjourn to the veranda or the coffee shop to perk yourself up with a good coffee whilst treating yourself to one of delicious pastries.

Makabana is one of the best things a co-working space can do, in my opinion. Providing opportunities for people to hang out, socialize, and get to know each other is highly important. Game nights, dinners out together, yoga/workout sessions, weekend outings, etc.

So…..Why Makabana is my favourite co-working space?

Like every other co-working spaces, Makabana offers the basic open lounges, desks, offices, meeting rooms, pantries that are all set in a beautifully-designed space. However, what makes this Semarang-based co-working space so different is its vision and execution of creativity.

Located at the busy streets of Diponegoro, Semarang, Makabana was created with a vision to start a movement of  being able to give freedom to people to think outside the box. Instead of working in offices that are cold and uniform, work spaces should be a place where people create new ideas, new products and new markets.

This is why I think this space is so special, it not only boasts of a beautifully designed space with the functions of an office, it offers an environment that inspires you with the creative accomplishment of others.

The other thing I look for is variety in seating options. I like to switch between standing desk, regular seated table, and lounge chair.

How about the membership? Check this out!

If you’re in Semarang, do check into Makabana. While basking in the whole creative atmosphere, I’m pretty sure you’d be up to some great works yourself by the time you leave the building.


Makabana Creative Space & Coffee

Opening Hours: 07.00 am – 22.00 pm

Location: Jl. Diponegoro No. 22B, Tegalsari, Candisari, Kota Semarang, Jawa Tengah

Instagram: @makabanaspace

Facebook: MakabanaSpace

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