And So The Journey Begins

Here I am, once again, sharing with you my most recent ‘adventures’! As you might have noticed, I’ve been absent these past few days. I’ve been discovering a new place outside and inside of me. Lately, I feel my mind has been filled with so very different thoughts and smells and colors. They keep reminding me of how little of the world I know yet. And of how much more I want to discover still.

Recently, I found myself holding onto a lot of little things. I was in a season of transition with new leadership and new expectations. I was busy and overwhelmed with life already, so having to adapt my schedule and give up some of the control I once had proved difficult. If I am being honest, I am a major control freak, and even though I was excited about the changes, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being pushed into something I wasn’t ready to handle. I just kind of wanted to do things my way.

My question is: Are entrepreneurs born or made?

In my case, I think it was some combination of the two. I certainly had an innate interest in business ventures from very early in life. But I also credit my parents for encouraging, educating, and inspiring me; for taking the time to nurture my creativity, my global knowledge, my financial acumen, and my care for improving the conditions of people less fortunate than myself. My parents were amazing people, and I’ll always be grateful for who they helped me to become.

“I just know that I do not want to be normal,” I wrote in my journal. “I do not want to be the girl that has trouble finding a job because of the job market. I have knowledge right now that if applied will make me never have to rely on the job market. I do not want to be stuck in the rat race my entire life. I think now I have a chance to get out.” I truly had no doubt that I could succeed.

My passion for entrepreneurship was not just the excitement of an ambitious kid wanting to get rich. I’d learned from my parent’s example to care about those with less advantages than me, and already I had a sense that entrepreneurship was key to improving lives and creating change in the world.

I knew I wanted to have an impact on this bigger picture. I wanted to make a difference in the world and create a world in which everyone has access to opportunity. But my journey was just beginning, and the immediate road ahead of me involved a lot of hard work on my company. I couldn’t wait to get started.


This is my new ‘adventure’. Just a mini project of my entrepreneurship journey.

I don’t have to feel overwhelmed, stressed or burnt out by not getting the results in my business that I want. I don’t need to compare myself to people and wonder what is wrong with me that they’re finding success and I’m not. Not yet.

I can be confident that where I’m headed is amazing and that all those things I’ve wanted to do, I’m going to go out and do them and do them well.

I realized that when I plant my mind in grace and truth, God is able to transform my perspective. I do not have to fight each bitter thought, I just have to let God in.

Pause. Pray. Don’t dwell.



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