And So The Journey Begins

Here I am, once again, sharing with you my most recent ‘adventures’! As you might have noticed, I’ve been absent these past few days. I’ve been discovering a new place outside and inside of me. Lately, I feel my mind has been filled with so very different thoughts and smells and colors. They keep reminding me of how little of the world I know yet. And of how much more I want to discover still.

Recently, I found myself holding onto a lot of little things. I was in a season of transition with new leadership and new expectations. I was busy and overwhelmed with life already, so having to adapt my schedule and give up some of the control I once had proved difficult. If I am being honest, I am a major control freak, and even though I was excited about the changes, I couldn’t help but feel like I was being pushed into something I wasn’t ready to handle. I just kind of wanted to do things my way.

My question is: Are entrepreneurs born or made?Continue reading “And So The Journey Begins”

Thoughts On Turning 27


4 days ago I turned 27 years old. CRAP. I am old. I am officially in my upper-mid-20s. Not my upper 20s. There is a difference, darn it. I am now far closer to 30 than I am to 21. (Major sad face).

I took a bit of a social media break whilst I was away, choosing to enjoy spending time with family rather than obsessing over what was happening on social media. I find it all too easy to become overwhelmed by what everyone else is doing, how they seem to be training more, having more fun, be happier,  have more travel experiences etc.

I believe that with every birthday, you have the chance to start over again. You can make it your own ‘new year’, so this year I’ll be focusing on enjoying the things I have, working on the things that are important to me and cultivating my relationships. I’m not where I thought I’d be at this age, but where I am is pretty darn good. I feel happy to be making a career change to do something I feel really passionate about, and I love having this little blog to chat with you guys. I’ve got some big decisions to make new project. I want to be an entrepreneur! If there’s anything this current situation has taught me, it’s that If I can make money my own entrepreneurial way, I will never be unemployed, and some plans to lay down. Wish me luck!Continue reading “Thoughts On Turning 27”