Appreciate The Little Things In Life

For the last few months, I’ve tried to focus on myself and improving who I am in order to be a better wife and a better person for myself.  I’m thankful that I have seen the progress that I’ve made, but there are also those days that I feel that among all those steps I have taken forward, I take twice as many back.

Even if it seems like you had a hard day – give yourself credit for adulting and celebrate the little things. Y’know what? Sometimes, life sucks. If there’s one thing that has really hit home for me last week, it’s that life is always going to throw challenges at you. Your power is in how you choose to respond to those challenges.

As women, society has told us that we need to “having it all.”  We need to have that power-hungry drive in order to excel in our corporate careers.  We should want kids and be able to spend enough time with our family so they grow up, and bla bla bla….

Once we have that first child, not only should we be able to keep up with our personal life, but we need to also change it in order to eat organically, cook every night, spend time crafting with your children, play enough games with them so they don’t have an increase of screen-time etc.

Point of all of this – this newly wife thing is hard, really hard!  Sh*t – life is hard, regardless of what you’re going through.  There will be plenty of times when we will all feel like we are stuck in the same spot while everyone is moving forward with their their happily ever-afters, and there will be times when we feel like we have one success, but 3 failures that keep us from moving forward.  But in the midst of all of this – we all need to celebrate that one success and celebrate the little things in between. 😀

In all honesty, nothing depresses me more than those cynical people who refuse to ever get excited about anything. We all know or have someone like this in our lives, and they’re the actual worst. And I mean, if you’re not the least bit excited about life, or any aspect of it, you’re kinda sorta already dead inside. Just saying.

The fact that you got up this morning, made yourself some coffee, and did any adult activity today (whether it’s taking on a new business adventure or just getting out of bed), So get excited! Smile at strangers! Only boring people get bored, or refuse to give in to regular –– and very human –– little flutters of nervous excitement for the future, and I can’t think of a worse fate.

So give yourself some credit for adulting, celebrate those little moments, and most importantly  . . . .celebrate yourself – you deserve it!




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