FAQ : About Skate Lessons

Check out some of the most common asked questions here. It may answer your questions or help you to have better understanding.

Q1: Why do I need skate lessons, I can learn on my own, right?

A1: This is one recreational activity that you definitely do not want to learn on your own. Learning on your own will only lead to bad habits and unsafe skating. Even worse than teaching yourself, is to have a friend teach you who also taught themselves. My advice is to take professional lessons from the beginning and then practices what you learn on your own, this is the only real path to becoming a good all round safe skater.

Q2: What should I bring to my first skate lesson?

A2: Inline skate with a brake fitted, a full set of safety pads protecting your knees, elbows and wrists. No safety pads, no class. Please also take the Indonesia sun seriously, skate classes are a lot of fun but they are also very tough workout. Bring water, wear a cap and use sunscreen. Children under 14 must wear a helmet.

Q3: I’m a complete beginner, how hard will it be?

A3: It’s very challenging sport to learn, it’s a lot of fun too and the 2 hours class will fly by. Come prepared and take the classes seriously.

Q4: Where can I buy good quality inline skate?

A4: I’ve been doing this long enough to know where and who stocks inline skates. Contact me and I’ll tell you which skates will be best for you and best place to buy them.

Q5: Do you hire inline skates?

A5: No, best to give me a call and see what I have.

Q6: Do you offer skate classes for beginners?

A6: I have inline skate classes with my team INLINE SKATE SEMARANG every Sunday mornings and Tuesday evening. Please contact me for more detail.

Q7: Will I fall over learning to skate?

A7: Occasional falls when learning to inline skate are INEVITABLE, on your first lesson I’ll show you how to avoid injuries.

Q8: I need new wheels for my inline skates, can you help?

A8: My team and I, we have a lot of experince with the many sizes and various degrees of hardness of skate wheels, tell us the type of skating you are most interested in and we’ll advise on the best wheels.

Q9: I need to change the wheels on my inline skate but can’t remove them, one of the bolts is stuck. Can you help?

A9: Yes, we offer skate servicing, wheel changing and frame replacing and adjusting.

Q10: What will I learn in the beginners skate classes?

A10: Skate safety is number one, we’ll check and advise on pads, helmets and your skate brakes. Then the main focus will be getting you skating properly, learning to stop and turning correctly.

Q11: What’s the best inline skates?

A11: It really depend on what you want to do on your skates. But for us, we love slalom, slide, and street skating in Semarang.




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YouTube: Inline Skate Semarang

Email: inlineskate.semarang@gmail.com


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