So many conversations that I have been part of have involved fishing, and in little ways, the rebel in me started to resent it a little. I was unprepared for how choppy the water was and as the boat rocked back and forth with each passing wave, I felt both exhilarated and dizzy.

I didn’t want to add to the count of newbies that venture off for their first trip and spend half the time hurling their breakfast into the sea or hunched in a corner wishing they had stayed on dry land. To ease into it, I shut my eyes and quickly counted numbers out of order because it is hard for the brain to panic while doing so, and that seemed to work perfectly fine in keeping seasickness at bay. Later, Iting explained that another trick was to shut one eye and look out onto the horizon, something to do with the reason pirates stereotypically have an eye patch. You could even take certain medication to help your stomach hold firm.

If you burn easily, it is advisable to wear layered clothing, good sunglasses, a hat, a mask and a generous amount of sunscreen. You will be contending with not only direct sunlight but also its reflection off the water. Of course I pretty much just waltzed out in pajamas because I had no idea what I was actually getting myself into but thank heavens I didn’t have to deal with the scorching sun!

As we tried casting a couple of times, changing the bait as necessary, Iting explained that one of the joys of sport fishing was being at total peace out in the water, thinking of nothing else other than fishing. Completely lost in the moment. The possibility of the catch (or thrill of the chase if you like) was also enough to keep one going back.

Yes, I do see the thrill of it. Would I recommend it to newbies? Heck yeah. Do I see myself taking it up? I have no strong inclinations at the moment, but given the right company, I could probably grow to love it.

This was my first time actually fishing. This was just one experience with marine life, that has helped fuel my love for the ocean and its inhabitants. If you’re keen on fishing + island hopping in Rembang, stay at Pulau Gede ( Pulau Gede literally means ‘Big Island’ in Bahasa). Pulau Gede is one of the islands located in the north of Wates village Kaliori Rembang Central Java.

Who doesn’t like the sound of Island Hopping? If you don’t, then you might as well just leave now. Just saying it makes you feel relaxed and happy.

The island is surrounded by coral reefs, within minutes of being in the waters I spotted squid. Spend your days snorkeling, lazing on the vivid white sand, exploring through the ‘mini jungle’ and rolling around in the sand. Camping is also allowed on the island. I must admit, the water was the perfect temperature for swimming. I spent my time there soaking in the water and applying sunscreen as often as possible. It was a lovely island.

A barbeque seafood lunch was included in our adventure, and it was super tasty. There was a selection of local style seafood dishes with an assortment of homemade sambals. Dessert was fresh coconut. After lazing about and eating as much flesh from the coconut as I could scoop out with my bare hands.

I’d highly recommend a trip out to Pulau Gede for a mini tropical island escape, or adventure! Relax on a beach or anything else, the adrenaline level is up to you.

It was the one time where I truly felt I could relax, there was a real sense of calm – I just wish I had more time! Well, don’t we all…



GETTING THERE: Pulau Gede is accessible via 15 -20 minute boat ride from Wates – Rembang, Central Java.
HOW MUCH: Boat transfers start from IDR 200.000  – IDR 450.000 ( IDR 200.000 – IDR 250.000 exclude camping accomodation, IDR 450.000 include camping accomodation).

For any questions, don’t hesitate to use the contact me section. If anyone makes the trip, I’d LOVE to hear all about it.


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